NGI Update
Happy new year to all our friends and colleagues in the NGI community. As we begin this new year under the continued strain of the pandemic, the NGI remains dedicated to focusing on our mission of conducting fundamental research and promoting an inclusive space for scientific debate and information sharing.
Last quarter we hosted two successful virtual events: The NGI Annual Affiliates Meeting and a discussion on the topic of Sustainable Gas. Both events were incredibly well-attended and we look forward to continuing our virtual program in 2021 with a Methane Emissions Symposium (Feb 23-25) and an event on ‘The Future of Natural Gas in Africa’ (Mar 30-31) that we are proud to co-host with the Energy for Growth Hub.
The NGI website contains all our latest news, publications, and event information We are grateful for your continued support and we welcome you to contact us any time with questions, comments, and suggestions.

Naomi Boness
Managing Director, Stanford Natural Gas Initiative
Mark Zoback
Director, Stanford Natural Gas Initiative

NGI in the News

Stanford Global Energy Dialogue
An Integrated View of the Future of Energy: A Conversation with Stanford Experts

Mark Zoback, NGI Director, discusses the importance of natural gas in future energy systems

Natural Gas in the Era of Decarbonization
NGI insights - Stanford NGI Managing Director, Naomi Boness, discusses the future of natural gas with Tudor, Pickering, Holt.
12 Reasons Why Gas Should Be Part
of Africa's Clean Energy Future
NGI insights - NGI Researcher, Mark Thurber, and Energy for Growth Hub Executive Director, Todd Moss, discuss the role of natural gas in Africa.

NGI Research
Methane Conversion
NGI Brief - NGI Researchers Weixin Huang and Professor Matteo Cargnello discuss the opportunities and challenges of converting natural gas to fuels and chemicals.

Hydrogen Opportunity
NGI Brief - Precourt Scholar, Gireesh Shrimali and NGI Managing Director, Naomi Boness discuss how the hydrogen landscape is changing driven by ambitious climate targets and falling costs.

Upcoming Events
Methane Emissions and Flaring Seminar Series
A group of Stanford methane researchers led by postdoc Evan Sherwin is now hosting an informal remote seminar series in topics on Methane Emissions and Flaring for researchers and practitioners in universities, industry, government, and NGOs focusing on recent advances in detection and mitigation of methane emissions from industrial and other sources. Attendees currently include researchers from five departments at Stanford and four other universities as well as several companies and government labs. Recent speakers include Prof. Emily Grubert of Georgia Tech and Dr. Natalie Pekney of the National Energy Technology Laboratory.

Seminars are held every other Thursday from 12:30-1:30 pm PT on Zoom. If you would like to join the mailing list or give a talk, please visit the META website or email Evan Sherwin at

Details about the meeting topics, agenda, scheduling, and speakers will be announced in the coming months. We welcome suggestions for topics and speakers or expressions of interest in attendance. Suggestions can be made by contacting NGI managing director, Naomi Boness at

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