Brothers and Sisters,

I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy.

I wanted to start off this months update, by letting you know that the nomination period for NATCA National elections has ended. I was nominated for the Great Lakes Regional Vice President again, and was the only nominee for the position, and I have accepted the nomination. I am honored to serve each and everyone of you as your RVP. I can’t begin to thank you for your support and dedication to our profession during these very difficult and trying times. More information on the national elections are included in this update below.

As most of you are aware, the Great Lakes Region and the Nation is seeing a spike in COVID confirmed cases. Now more than ever, we must continue to ask that everyone follow guidelines and requirements for mask and other PPE usage, and please continue to wash your hands and use sanitizer when appropriate. It is not the time to let up, or let our guard down. Together, lets get through this!

In the past several weeks, we added three more facilities to the list of those getting daily Routine Level 3, or RL3 cleanings in our region (AZO, GFK and RFD). AZO has completed their seven day oversight period with no issues. GFK and RFD are set to begin their RL3 cleanings in the next week or so. Nationally, the RL3 cleaning process has greatly reduced the need to modify facility operation status when a confirmed COVID case happens in a facility. We continue to assess each and every facility from a National level and will add more facilities to the list of those getting RL3 cleanings as we are able to.

I hope everyone has a great month of April!
Leave Restored
Section 1111 of the NDAA provides for an increase in annual leave carryover limits to 125 percent of the normal carryover amount (from 240 hours to 300 hours) for the leave year that ended on Jan. 2, 2021. 
The Agency will utilize a two-step process for identifying eligible employees and restoring leave: Step 1 – Regular Annual Leave Restoration and Step 2 - NDAA Annual Leave Carryover. 

Check your e-mail from NATCA National for additional information.

The members listed below have been nominated for office (nominations are listed in the order in which they were received). Nominees will be officially notified of their nomination. Nominees may only accept nomination for one office. Nomination acceptances are due by 5:00 p.m. EDT on April 30, 2021. Instructions for accepting a nomination will be included in the official notice of nomination.

Rich Santa

Executive Vice President:
Andrew LeBovidge
Jamaal Haltom

Regional Vice President, Alaskan Region:
Clint Lancaster

Regional Vice President, Central Region:
Aaron Merrick

Regional Vice President, Eastern Region:
Brian Shallenberger

Regional Vice President, Great Lakes Region:
Drew MacQueen

Regional Vice President, New England Region:
Mick Devine

Regional Vice President, Northwest Mountain Region:
Alex Navarro

Regional Vice President, Southern Region:
Rossano Costa 
Jim Marinitti

Regional Vice President, Southwest Region:
Nick Daniels 
Cory Hajicek

Regional Vice President, Western Pacific Region:
Joel Ortiz

Regional Vice President, Region X
Brad Davidson 
Patrick Massie
Mother's Day
The Great Lakes Region would like to feature all of our members who are moms.

Please submit a photo (label photo with the same name you use in the form) of you and your kids by pressing the links below.
Facility Spotlight; Fort Wayne, IN (FWA)
Fort Wayne has 26 controllers and 1 staff specialist. They are a level 5 up/down with a class C airspace and several satellite airports. FWA is 100% Natca!

FWA has a wide variety of traffic including commercial, corporate, and GA. The 122nd Indiana Air Nation Guard is stationed at the airport who fly A10's known as the BlackSnakes. There is an airshows for the community every few years that have included the ThunderBirds. Flights are frequently seen from several surrounding flight schools including Purdue, Lift academy, Bowling Green, Western Michigan, and OSU. FWA is also home to the last flying F100 Super Sabre in the world.
Surrounding approaches are Great Lakes, Toledo, Columbus, Indianapolis, Grissom, and South Bend. FWA falls under 3 center airspaces; Chicago, Indianapolis, and Cleveland.

Fort Wayne is a great city to live in. It has many big city benefits with a smaller town feel and is growing rapidly. Last year, FWA was facility of the year in part due to their donations to local charities in the area along with training and military support.
NATCA is very important at the facility because of the ever changing work situations. A small low staffed facility with lots of training, makes for many challenges. The changing training requirements take a lot of collaboration to make sure implementation is successful. This also means many CPCs eventually move on to larger facilities. Helping them reach their goals is important.

Photos taken by Jeff Hofmann
April is the Month of the Aviation Child - this month-long celebration acknowledges the FAA employees whose children may one day follow in their footsteps and become the aerospace professionals across many disciplines. 
Learn more about WorkLife Program and services designed to help you with your work-life balance and read more features like this at
Jake Neu is an Air Traffic Controller at Minneapolis ARTCC (ZMP) for over 11 years, in addition to serving on the childcare center’s Board of Directors for the last 4 years. 
"My wife and I consider the FAA childcare facility at ZMP as possibly the best benefit we receive. Even before the pandemic, having a childcare facility with the flexibility and hours to cover our crazy schedules has been a godsend.  
We have 2 children, Charlie age 7, who attended until he started kindergarten and then did distance learning in the spring of 2020, and Will age 4 who attends 3 days a week. 
Having a childcare facility next door, with operating hours to support our FAA staff, makes one less thing employees of ZMP have to worry about. 

The childcare benefit is so important to our family, that I have volunteered and served on the child care center Board of Directors for 4 years, and I have been the Board president for 1.5 years. " - Jacob Neu
Spouses can join the conversation in NATCA Families.

Have them join here, they will need your membership number for verification.

If you have a story to share about being an aviation family, e-mail Jennifer Malloy
Meet Jenny Benjamin, APA

"My name is Jenny Benjamin. I am a passionate athlete, loving mother, military spouse and an air traffic controller working at Denver Centennial Airport (APA). I am sharing my life and journey to finish Ironman Florida in order to raise money for NATCA Charitable Foundation with portions of the proceeds to benefit the Dare2tri Organization. I am not a professional athlete, but I put in hundreds of miles of swimming, biking and running, all while balancing work and family. I am just an everyday person that is making it work, one day at a time. Becoming a successful athlete doesn't happen overnight, and I plan to put in more than 5,000 miles before race day. I would love your support and camaraderie over the next few months."
Learn more about my journey here:
Meet Kelly Pugh, ZAU

Hi! My name is Kelley, air traffic control trainee at ZAU. Born and raised in Zeeland, MI. My favorite hobby is cycling. I started with indoor cycling for fun and became an instructor shortly after for multiple fitness boutiques over the last 7 years. I’m currently working with Cyclebar at a few of the Chicago suburb locations (come join me anytime!). I’ve also dabbled with downhill mountain biking but now just enjoy the trails in the local area around Geneva. I also love my Peloton and use that multiple times per week. Exercise is such a passion of mine and I love to share that joy with as many people as I can!

NGL Legislative Committee
April 27th & May 4th, 12:00 pm EST

 "Building Relationships on Capitol Hill: Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask".

NATCA in Washington
October 4th - 6th, registration will open in late summer 2021.

NGL Safety Committee
As our traffic numbers increase over the coming months, so should our awareness, our attention to detail, and our communication skills. Get help when you need it. Stay ahead of the problem and be ready for those busy periods. Remember, we are all on the same team and on this team, safety is first! Trending in the Great Lakes for ARTCC: Sector volume/resource management; Hearback/Readback Errors; Not following procedures. Tower/TRACON: Late hand-offs, airspace violations, not following procedures.
NATCA Great Lakes Safety Reps
Michelle Trudeau and Mike Taylor
NGL Professional Standards Committee
The Respect Initiative will be starting again soon in your facilities. Your local Respect team will collaborate on which letter for your facility to start on. The discussions will be either in person in accordance with the Operational Readiness Collaborative Workgroup - Workforce Plan or virtually.

Who do you work with that inspires, motivates, and demonstrates professionalism? Nominate your peer for the National Professionalism Award presented by the Professional Standards program at Communicating for Safety. A winner will be selected from each service area. Please use the link to nominate a peer, deadline Jun 30, 2021

If you have any questions about Professional Standards or the Respect Initiative please reach out to your local committee member or one of the District Chairs in the region.

I would also like to introduce our new District Chair Mentee for the Cleveland District Brooke Dawson.

Great Lakes Professional Standards District Chairs:
Jason Phelps ZMP
Aaron Mills ORD
Dave Keifer ZID
Andrew Thieken ZOB
Brooke Dawson (Mentee) ZOB
NATCA Academy

Even though we cannot meet in person, continued learning is of vital importance. Here are some opportunities to learn more about your Union, your rights, and how to become more active in the areas that interest you.

Full schedule and class descriptions:
NATCA Volunteer Requests
OJT Resumption Plan in FAA Facilities, Section B Revised:
A fully vaccinated trainee is not factored when reducing the density of the training capacity in section B1(a). i. A fully vaccinated trainee allows the area/wall/ TRACON/TOWER to exceed the 50% simultaneous OJT limitation. ii. e.g., if your area/wall/ TRACON/TOWER was normally able to train on four (4) positions simultaneously, OJT may be conducted on four (4) positions simultaneously provided two (2) of the trainees are fully vaccinated.
In Solidarity,

Regional Vice President
Drew MacQueen
(440) 506-7954
Alternate RVP
Dan Carrico
(734) 765-4633
Alternate RVP
Marc Schneider
(317) 514-5970
NGL Leadership
Jen Rivera
The NGL Comms team would love to hear
what's going on in your facility.
Contact us anytime to share stories or give us
input on what you would like to see more of in the monthly updates.
Jennifer Malloy. ZOB | Casey Curtis, ZID
Zoe Roberts, ZMP