President's Message

Happy Spring to everyone! As we see the daffodils blooming and the long winter months softening into Spring, my message to you this month is “Faith is hope and confidence that will keep us strong.” Faith is not a notion that we hold onto in tough times, but it is an important element in human life. It is what has helped us to manage in these difficult times when darkness of Covid19 seemed to conquer. We all know too well that this past year has challenged all our belief systems in ways we could never have imagined. Faith can be a strong belief in God or complete trust and confidence in our own and others strength and abilities.
Although, for now we need to continue wearing masks and keeping social distances, we have three vaccines that are being administered rapidly in the U.S. and others that are coming out internationally. It is through our collective beliefs and faith in human creativity that we can begin to move around with a new attitude about health and safety for ourselves, relatives, friends, and colleagues, even those we do not know. So, faith is not opposed to science. It is what makes us optimistic about the Future.

Fannie Munlin
President, Global NGO Executive Committee