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So, What do You do, Exactly?

Paul Mailhot, NHHTC Chairman

When I am asked about what exactly the NH High Tech Council does, the first thing that comes to mind is "connecting." By the mere virtue of what our day jobs are, we can find any piece of information at anytime, anywhere. It's what we do. However, what the Council does is package that information, add context and provide it in a neat and tidy package. Case in point: biweekly email updates, which are a compilation of news you can use, news from other members, and ways to connect with others in your field, right here where you work and play. We send these out every other Monday. Email us at to join the mail list. Read more.
Expect the Unexpected

Matt Cookson, NHHTC Executive Director

Gas under $1.60 a gallon

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders leading the presidential pack

No snow on the ground until February in most of New Hampshire

Who would have predicted this six months ago?
Predictions are just that - statements about what might happen in the future. While we think of the future of technology, we can make educated guesses, but they are based on past knowledge and current trends. Who knew that just 10 years ago our lifestyles would change so dramatically because of smartphones, cloud storage, streaming video and social media. My 15 year-old son is completely comfortable watching a movie on a smart phone and I get frustrated if my college basketball scores don't come in real time during a game. Read more.

Legislative Update

Michelline Dufort, 
NHHTC Director of Business Relations

Did you realize that if you are paying your employees bi-weekly, you need to have an exemption from the NH Department of Labor? Did you know that there is legislation proposing that if your company has a temporary employee, you would be required to hire that person full time after six months? And more globally, that there are advances being made on finessing laws around LLC's and proposals to adjust the laws around taxes being levied on companies whenever there is a sale of shares, or raising of capital? These are the types of issues being discussed in Concord this legislative session, and the NH High Tech Council continues to monitor and be a voice in the process. Read more. Read more.

Member Profile - MRCC          

Describe your company, what you do and how to interact with and support the tech sector?
MRCC is a minority-owned global end-to-end information technology solution provider founded in 1996. We provide services to enterprises of all sizes and across multiple industry verticals such as corporations, education, publishing and government. We are proud to be a CMMI Certified Organization having a portfolio of delivering 500+ successful engagements to date and backed by strong 750+ experienced professionals. We are headquartered in Billerica, Massachusetts, US with five wholly owned development centers in India. Read more.
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