Relevancy, Reach & Return

Toral Cowieson, NHHTC Board Chair

It's an exciting time to be part of the New Hampshire tech ecosystem - and to be part of the New Hampshire High Tech Council!

As the newly elected Chair, I have the privilege of working with the Board and our membership to build on the solid foundation put in place under Paul Mailhot's leadership over the past three years. 
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Defining a Tech Ecosystem - tech companies versus tech workers

Matt Cookson, NHHTC Executive Director

What defines a company as a "tech company" in 2016? Certainly not the same definition we used a decade or more ago, which was probably along the lines of "a company that focused specifically on developing a product or service that was highly dependent on technological tools and skills of its employees."  Read more.

Legislative Update

Michelline Dufort, 
NHHTC Director of Business Relations

The 2016 legislative session is now behind us. Much of the debate and discussion, and political capital, were placed on human service issues, namely the state's opioid crisis and the expansion of the NH Health Protection Program (a.k.a. Medicaid Expansion).  Read more .

Welcome New Council Member, Granite Business Solutions

Leveraging the call center resources of its partner organizations, Granite Business Solutions (GBS) of Concord, NH is officially open for business. GBS is tapping the resources and expertise of its parent organization, Granite State Management & Resources (GSM&R) to provide high quality call center and consulting services to customers across the state, region and country.  

GBS provides clients with a comprehensive suite of customized business solutions by leveraging the staff support and expertise of the GSM&R team, which includes approximately 170 employees. GSM&R has run a professional call center for more than 30 years, serving the student loan industry.  

GBS launched in May as a for profit company and is currently serving new clients. The call center operates 24/7 out of its 65,000 square foot facility in Concord and has the capacity to serve a customer base of 270,000. Because of their experience serving the student loan industry, the staff is highly trained and experienced, use the latest technology and the facility and systems are highly secure. The call center is Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) compliant. 

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