Defining New Hampshire's Tech Ecosystem

Toral Cowieson, NHHTC Board Chair

Even though New Hampshire is a small state in terms of size and population, we have a large and active non-commercial sector that serves and supports many technology causes and affinity groups. New ones form regularly and like the private sector, there are occasional mergers and acquisitions. This creates continual opportunities for partnerships and a need to regularly evaluate the landscape. 
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Getting the Message Out - Great tech jobs and environment in New Hampshire

Matt Cookson, NHHTC Executive Director

Okay, it's finally happening. National stories about New Hampshire as a great place to work are being placed, read, liked and forwarded. On November 4, the Wall Street Journal called out four cities that they described as "the new silicon cities." Manchester was included with Birmingham, Alabama, Eugene, Oregon, and Richmond, Virginia. Pretty good company for an old mill town!  Read more.

Now we know the players in Concord - help us write the playbook

Michelline Dufort,  NHHTC Director 
of Business Relations

For the Council, we are always working towards and planning for the next legislative session. Whether it's regarding issues held over from a past session, working on a new legislative concept, or working towards a collaborative approach with other trade organizations, or briefing new legislators or candidates about the Council's important work here, we are never far away from the next round of legislative work.  Read more .

Community College System 
of NH and Registered Apprenticeships for 
Workforce Development

Charlotte Williams, Workforce Development Administrator, Community College System of NH

The recent news that The Community College System of NH (CCSNH) has been awarded a $1.2 million grant from the US Department of Labor to enhance Registered Apprenticeship opportunities within the information technology, healthcare and manufacturing sectors is welcome news for workforce development in New Hampshire. There are more than 1,000 apprenticeable occupations in industries throughout the U.S. workforce including many high-demand industries such as information technology.  Read more.

2017 Health Care Outlook

William C. Brewster, MD, Vice President, New Hampshire Market, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

Focusing on population health as a way to contain cost and improve the quality of care

For too long, our health care system has been preoccupied with treating episodes of illness and paying for it on a fee for service basis. The result has been runaway health care costs that far exceed inflation.  At Harvard Pilgrim, we are asking - doesn't it make more sense to work together with physicians and hospitals to keep residents of New Hampshire healthy?  Read more .

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