New Hampshire Interlocal Trust
Harvard Pilgrim Coronavirus Care
A message from Harvard Pilgrim Health Care (HPHC)
Harvard Pilgrim is actively monitoring the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak and what it means for our members and communities.

To facilitate our members' ability to receive necessary testing for suspected COVID-19 exposure, and until further notice, Harvard Pilgrim is waiving cost sharing for:

  • The COVID-19 Test
  • Doctors office, urgent care and emergency room services for COVID-19 testing
  • Telemedicine services

This policy also applies to any NHIT/HPHC member enrolled on a Medicare Enhance plan. Coverage will be provided in accordance with plan requirements.

Members will also have access to out-of-network providers for the initial COVID-19 test when no in-network providers are available. Harvard Pilgrim will also remove prior authorization and referral requirements, where applicable, so members can get timely medically necessary testing and treatment for COVID-19.
Member support and education
Harvard Pilgrim has taken steps to proactively reach out to our most vulnerable members, as well as to ensure that their nurse care managers proactively address high-risk individuals in their daily interactions.

To educate our members about containing the spread of the virus and staying healthy, Harvard Pilgrim has established a coronavirus web page that includes general preventive information and links to the CDC and state health agencies in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. It also includes an FAQ that lets members know about options for telemedicine and obtaining 90-day prescriptions for medicines they take regularly.
To access the previously released NHIT Coronavirus Notice that included resources from our partners please follow the link below: