February 2019
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February is American Heart Month
This month, we celebrate American Heart Month! Here are a few tips on how to be take care of your heart and lower your risk of Heart Disease.
Legislative Update
NHMA has written letters in opposition to the following policy developments this past month:

  • New Mexico Legislature H.B. 242 Consumer Lens and Glasses Prescription Bill 
  • Health Organizations on long term health effects caused by Government Shutdown 

NHMA has signed- on to letters in support of the following policy developments this past month:
  • In support of Immigrant Communities and Against a Border Wall
  • In Support of Farmworker Inclusion in New Jersey $15 Minimum Wage 
  • In Support of Legislation will Permanently Repeal or Delay the Health Insurance Tax 
  • Indiana Legislature S. 242 
  • Letter urging FDA to prioritize revision of 2008 guidance for industry on evaluating cardiovascular risk in new therapies for type 2 diabetes
  • Letter to Congress Prioritizing Health Equity 

EPA plan to Roll Back Toxins Protections Puts Latinos at Risk.  Wheeler is currently working with Trump to roll back the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards — commonsense safeguards on some of the most well-known toxins that Latino families are exposed to at a disproportionate rate. Nearly 2 million Latinos live within a half mile of an oil and gas facility. It’s heartbreaking — but not surprising — that many Latino communities face an elevated risk of cancer from exposure to this toxic air pollution. For more information, click here

Hispanic Dems Announce Task Forces for 116th Congress. The CHC will have 13 task forces, up from 11 during last Congress, as the group has grown in number and reach. The CHC currently recognizes 38 members, compared to 32 last Congress. For more information, click here

Diversity in Clinical Trials Defines Good Science and Better Medicine. Hispanics are underrepresented in both clinical trials and the genome-wide association studies that have informed our understanding of the molecular foundation of health and disease, so we can only guess. But new research is offering some insights. A study published in Genome Biology suggests that people age differently based on how their genes interact with the environment at the so-called epigenetic level. For more information, click here

The National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, along with other member organizations, is calling for a Congressional investigation into the death of 7-year-old girl Jakelin Ameí Rosmery Caal Maquin, who died of dehydration and shock while she was taken into Border Patrol custody last week after traveling from Mexico into the United States. Click here to submit a letter to your Member of Congress to urge them to take action.
Programs Update
Our Current Programs:

  • NHMA College Health Scholars Program
  • NHMA Medical School Liaison Program
  • NIH All of Us Research Program
  • NHMA Cholesterol Management Campaign
  • NHMA Seasonal Influenza Campaign
  • CDC Partnering And Communicating Together (PACT) to Act Against Aids
  • NHMA 2019 Hispanic Health Conference co-hosted with the Hispanic Dental Association

Membership Update
NHMA Members are hard at work being catalyst for change in their communities. Each serve in many different ways. Click below to see what are members have been up to:

The 4 major values of an NHMA membership are Advocacy, Education, Leadership Development and Networking. Our major benefits for health professionals consist of:

  • Opportunities to be nominated for commissions and advisory boards in the Federal government, private sector, and other national health professional associations.
  • Opportunities to mentor medical students and residents.
  • Discounts at the NHMA Annual Conference (where you can also earn CME credits)
  • Ability to apply for NHMA Leadership Fellowship and Resident Leadership Programs
  • Opportunities to share your research either by being a speaker or poster presenter at our annual conference
  • Network with other healthcare professionals at one of NHMA Regional Events
Congratulations to Octavio N. Martinez, Jr., MD, Executive Director of The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health at The University of Texas at Austin , for being chosen to receive the 2019 Founder's Award by the Texans Care for Children at their 13th Annual Founder's Award Luncheon on March 6.

Read more in "What Are Our Members Up To?"

If you have received an award or attended an event and would like to be featured in our Monthly Membership update, please send to Vanessa Tellez at vtellez@nhmamd.org by the last Friday of every month.
Our major benefits for students:

  • Opportunities to mentor college students
  • Discounts at the NHMA Annual Conference
  • Opportunities to share your research by being a poster presenter at our annual conference
  • Network with healthcare professionals at one of NHMA Regional Events and Annual Conference

Featured Announcements

NHHF/UHF Scholarship and Mentoring Program

We are searching for Physicians interested in mentoring medical students in our NHHF/UHF Scholarship and Mentoring program. Every year we award scholarships to outstanding health professional students and match them with mentors in their field of study. This 3 year mentorship program provides a unique opportunity for students to gain insight and hands-on mentorship experience and simultaneously provides the mentor an opportunity to make a personal contribution to the professional development of a student. Although the mentoring program is geared towards establishing relationships that aim to strengthen a student’s professional development in the physician’s field, it is by no means expected for mentors to offer an internship or field experience to the student. 

The mentor and mentee are expected to meet once a month either in person, through email, or phone. The mentee is required to submit quarterly evaluations to track the mentorship but mentors are not required to submit any documents on the mentorship program. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please send our CV to Vanessa Tellez, vtellez@nhmamd.org .

NIDDK/NHMA Travel Award Program

Thank you to everyone who applied to the 2019 Travel Award Program this week. We will be announcing those who will receive the Travel Award on our social media and on the next newsletter!

NHHF Puerto Rico Relief Campaign

Last year, Puerto Rico was devastated by a category 5 hurricane and still remains in a state of crisis due to the lack of appropriate funds and support from the Trump Administration. We invite you to donate to our campaign to assist Puerto Rican Medical Students.

The NHMA and NHHF are committed to supporting the Puerto Rico medical education disaster relief following Hurricane Maria in the fall of 2017. We have raised funds in the NHMA Northeast Region Forum in 2017 and at our 22nd Annual conference with the Deans of four medical schools in Puerto Rico. We have donated $10,000, plus supplies to the effort and hope to be able to donate much more with your help.

Your donation is tax deductible! Donate here .
We ask that you consider making a $25 donation to help NHMA & NHHF touch the lives of health professionals in various stages of their career:

1) NHHF Health Professional Student Scholarship
2) NHMA Resident Leadership Program.
3) NHMA Leadership Fellowship

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