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Tuesday, December 1, 2020 | 4 PM ET

Tuesday, December 8, 2020 | 1 PM ET
Tackling Flu Season Amidst COVID-19 Twitter Chat

Thursday, December 10, 2020 | 7 PM ET
Legislative Update
The Affordable Care Act Update – It faced its third challenge before the U.S. Supreme Court on November 10, 2020, and will most likely remain intact according to the policy experts, given the comments of two conservative justices. Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh suggested that the individual mandate provision could be eliminated without striking down ACA entirely. The ACA was supported by the liberal justices.

NHMA salutes the new Biden-Harris Administration and will work to continue to educate our Hispanic community and others on health prevention to decrease COVID-19, increasing vaccine confidence, diversity in clinical trials, and develop the mentoring for the pipeline and new Latino health professionals with our National Hispanic Health Professionals Leadership Network leaders. In addition, NHMA looks forward to working with the US Department of Health and Human Services on a Latino health initiative to build healthy communities across the nation.
NHMA applauds the 3 Latinos who were named as White House leaders in the Biden Administration and hope to see more Latinos appointed the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which has been targeted for increased support from the new administration, given the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage Latino health professionals to see the PLUM Book for the 4000 Biden Administration appointments in full-time positions and commissions.

NHMA Advocacy

NHMA joined the statement led by the Cancer Free Economy Network, the statement, “Cancer and Health Leaders Call for Action to Reduce the Burden of Cancer by Addressing Environmental Risk Factors,” to consider the environmental causes of cancers in policies.

NHMA released a statement against the uninformed hysterectomies done to immigrant women in detention centers under ICE, Federal government contractors.

NHMA released statements against the Trump Administration's proposed policy to use medication prices from other countries and supported the Medicare optional policy to cap insulin at $35 that certain pharmaceutical companies have joined. 

NHMA endorsed California Prop 16 to support higher education admissions using affirmative action for underrepresented students by race/ethnicity and did not support Prop 23 to close dialysis centers.Prop 16 did not pass but neither did Prop 23.
NHMA COVID-19 Education and Advocacy
NHMA Education and Advocacy for COVID-19 started in March 2020 and will continue. We welcome your recommended articles and reports and speakers for our continued Virtual Briefings to start again in January 2021. Read more information here

We encourage you to visit the NHMA PORTAL for resources on COVID-19 and other issues:

Community Engagement Alliance Against COVID-19 Disparities - new website for researchers
Legislative Action Alerts
From a year of devastating hurricanes and wildfires and record breaking temperatures, to a mountain of evidence based science, it’s clear climate change is threatening our livelihoods. This extreme weather is devastating our health, environment and climate. Rollback after rollback by the Trump administration have only made matters worse. We cannot continue our current course of inaction - it is #TimeToAct. From the President, to Congress to local leaders, it is #TimeToAct on climate. 

NHMA and its members urge legislators and policymakers to make significant changes to climate discourse.

Add your name and tell legislators it is #TimeToAct on climate.
Your copy should address 3 key questions: Who am I writing for? (Audience) Why should they care? (Benefit) What do I want them to do here? (Call-to-Action)

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Programs Update & Membership Opportunities
NHMA has various opportunities for our members and partners to engage with other health care providers and patients. Some of these opportunities include providing short educational video messages on COVID-19, cardiovascular disease, and patients living with HIV; mentoring health professional students, spokespersons for the NHHF Stop Vaping Campaign, and more.

We encourage your participation.

Read more on NHMA's Current Programs:

  • NHMA Survey of Physicians/Providers who care for Latinos at high risk for HIV - contact if interested in this first national survey on the topic.
  • NIH All of Us Research Program - supported by All of Us Research Program
  • Looking for speakers for All of Us Program Fireside Chat Series. If interested, contact Elena Rios, MD:
  • NHMA Chapters and Planning for 2021
  • Looking for Steering Committee Members.
  • NHMA Medical School Liaison Program
  • Looking for liaisons for LMSA Chapters! If interested, sign up here.
  • NHMA - CDC PACT - Let's Stop HIV Together - supported by CDC
  • Looking for physician and resident video messages! If interested, sign up here.
  • NHMA Cardiovascular Disease Campaign - supported by Amgen
  • Looking for physician and resident video messages! If interested, sign up here.
  • NHMA College Health Scholars Program - supported by HHS OMH
  • NHHF Stop Vaping Campaign - supported by Aetna Foundation-CVS Health
  • Looking for spokespersons! If interested, sign up here.
  • Add us on Snapchat!
  • NHHF Health Literacy Program & COVID-19 - supported by Centene Corporation
  • NHMA 24th Annual Hispanic Health Conference
  • March 17-20, 2021 - Speaker Abstracts due Nov. 30th
We are seeking physicians and health care providers that treat Hispanic/Latinx patients to create a short video on cardiovascular disease and the importance of being heart healthy, and physicians and providers treating Hispanic/Latinx patients with HIV to create a short video on the importance of HIV prevention/treatment. We are also seeking physicians to discuss COVID-19 and treating patients with the virus.

Check out other educational videos our members have done on COVID-19, cardiovascular disease, HIV, and more, on our YouTube channel.
Membership Update
**Interested in becoming an NHMA leader? Join our Board of Directors committees, Council of Young Physicians, Council of Residents, Chapter Steering Committees! If interested, please contact Vincent Gearity:

COR and CYP have started recruiting Members for the NHMA Chapter Steering Committees and other networking activities for the year and invite interested Young Physicians to join CYP or Residents/Fellows to join COR.

NHMA Members are hard at work being catalysts for change in their communities.

The 4 major values of an NHMA membership are Advocacy, Education, Leadership Development and Networking. Our major benefits for health professionals:

  • Opportunities to be nominated for commissions and advisory boards in the Federal government, private sector, and other national health professional associations. (See announcements on Fridays sent to NHMA Members)
  • NHMA Leadership Fellowship - to be revised.
  • Opportunities to mentor medical students and residents.
  • Discounts at the NHMA Annual Conference for registration fees & briefings for CME credits.
  • Opportunities to share your research either by being a speaker or poster presenter at our annual conference.
  • Network with other healthcare professionals our 17 NHMA Chapter Forums.

Our major benefits for residents/health professional students:

  • Opportunities to mentor college students.
  • Discounts at the NHMA Annual Conference.
  • Opportunities to share your research or service learning as a poster presenter at our annual conference.
  • Network with health professionals at one of NHMA Chapter Forums and Annual Conference.

Ways You Can Get Involved With NHMA:

Click below to see our membership options:

If you have received an award or attended an event and would like to be featured in our monthly Membership Update, please contact by the first Friday of every month.

Dr. Sylvia E. Rosas was named as the National Kidney Foundation's president-elect.
NHMA Board of Directors, Dr. Nereida Correa, Dr. Judith Flores, Dr. Elena Rios, and Dr. Francisco Fernandez, and members, Dr. Christopher Gonzalez, Dr. William Aitken, Dr. Diana Torres-Burgos, met with state legislators in Florida, New York, and Texas to discuss cardiovascular disease, Social Determinants of Health, health equity, and diversity in health care workforce.
Featured Announcements
No-cost flu shot clinics available in several states, open to the community

This year, in an effort to improve flu vaccination rates, pop-up clinics – available to all – are taking place at dozens of locations in California, New York, Indiana, Florida and Texas.

The clinics, organized by Anthem Blue Cross or Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield health plans, are part of the health plans’ effort to intensify their focus on providing access to the vaccine to members and others in states and counties where flu vaccination rates have been lower and the population is more at risk for the flu.

A key strategy is to create pop-up flu shot clinics, bringing no-cost flu shots to communities where cost or access could be an issue, as well as provide an option to those who may have received their vaccination at their employer site in previous years. These clinics are open to the community – anyone who meets the age requirement can get a no-cost flu shot, regardless of insurance status. While registration is preferred, the clinics accept walk-ups and drive-ups.

Below are links to pop-up clinic calendars for the five states:

Please share these events with anyone who may be interested. This is not the year to get the flu. Let’s help as many people as we can get their flu shots this year.  
Pfizer Launches PAP Connect—New Online Enrollment Platform Simplifies Process to Access Select Pfizer Medicines for Eligible Patients

For more than 30 years, Pfizer has been helping eligible US patients in need get access to their Pfizer medicines through a range of assistance programs. Recently, Pfizer launched a new online enrollment platform to make it easier for patients and their health care providers to get access to select Pfizer medicines. The platform, known as Pfizer PAP Connect, could not have come at a better time, given the stay-at-home orders executed across the country due to COVID-19 that have constrained patients from seeing their health care providers. The online enrollment option can be used for many of the most commonly requested primary care medications available through the Pfizer Patient Assistance Program (PPAP), which provides certain free Pfizer medicines to eligible insured and uninsured patients through their doctor’s office or at home.

“In order to better serve our patients, we are pleased to provide a platform that enables patients to apply to the program and check on application status as well as product delivery  24-7, all online,” said Niesha Foster, Vice President, Product Access at Pfizer.  Read more.
President's Blog: COVID-19 Leadership for the Future

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated several key issues among the Hispanic population that warrant attention from leaders in both public and private health care sectors, as well as leaders in our communities. Hispanics are 18% of the population yet account for 33% of new COVID-19 cases nationwide. Read more here.

Our partner, Hoy Health, has developed a new Bilingual Remote Patient Monitoring Program. Hoy Health is a Hispanic-owned digital health company.

Hoy Health has developed a turnkey, comprehensive and bilingual Remote Patient Monitoring Program (RPM) that would allow healthcare centers manage Medicare Chronic patients remotely increasing patient adherence and compliance as well as health outcomes. Additionally, healthcare centers can bill Medicare for this service. Specific CPT codes allow healthcare centers increase revenue of $757/yr/patient.

Hoy Health’s RPM provides real-time total solutions for patient management in a highly supportive environment. Hoy Health provides all the needed software, chronic condition testing kits and supplies and provide the remote patient monitoring to assure patient engagement and continuous adherence. All this without interrupting current clinical workflow.
If you are interested in learning more about this program, how it could be implemented or experience in current engagements, please email Hoy Health at, or
The University of Mississippi Center (UMMC) Department of Preventative Medicine is accepting applications for their Preventive Medicine Residency Program from November through January. For more information, go here.
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