October 2018
Vol. 3 No. 7
"He who has a generous eye will be blessed, for he gives of his bread to the poor." Proverbs 22:9

Each week, we are seeing the numbers we help increase. We cannot rely solely on government food to support this increase. NHN is in its second month of our fundraising campaign...and we need your support to help us purchase the needed food! If you have not made your donation please take the time to do so. Only with the support of the community can we make a difference in someone's life. Join us by giving and you too will truly be blessed!
Visit our website, click the link www.nhnamherst.org.
Shout out of thanks to volunteer Scott Wilkerson (AKA Ticket Man) who asked some of his friends to donate tooth care products. Saturday, October 6th, there were a lot of happy shoppers!! ...with clean teeth. It only takes one person to start a mission. Perhaps your company or work group is looking for an opportunity to reach out into the community, contact NHN.
Thanks to Amelon Food Lion we now have 14 more grocery carts! Food Lion is a great partner to NHN!!
NHN welcomes What a Blessing Bakery as a partner to provide items for our Ascension Food Kitchen once a month.

  • Thanks to Tiny's Catering for a donation of macaroni salad, lettuce, hamburger & hot dog buns along with a box of sterno. A special thanks to Tiny for helping with our cooking, too.
  • NHN wishes to thank Clifford Baptist Church for their donation of hamburgers and hotdogs from a church event this month.
  • Thanks to the Keenager Group at MHBC who donated their leftover desserts, tea and lemonade for our meal on October 10.
  • Thanks to the donor who dropped off some packages of ground turkey/turkey patties and rice at MHBC for the Food Kitchen this month.
Volunteer Opportunities
Food Kitchens & Warehouse sign up - Do you have 1 morning a month that you would like to volunteer somewhere?
NHN has spots available in our Madison Heights and Amherst Food Kitchens.
If you have a Wednesday or Thursday open just once a month, we can use your help. Kitchen volunteers work from 9:00 -1:00 and servers from 10:00 - 1:00.
We serve a hot meal each Wednesday at MHBC Food Kitchen & a hot meal each Thursday at Ascension Episcopal Church in Amherst.
Visit our site at nhnamherst.org where you can learn about these opportunities & complete a volunteer application. Feel free to message us on our Facebook page if you have any questions.
Let's work together to help our community and neighbors!
  • Donation Pickup Volunteer - URGENT NEED for someone available on Thursday mornings from 9:00 AM-11:00 AM to use the NHN van to pick up from Target in Lynchburg. The items are taken to the Food Warehouse on Mitchell Bell Road, weighed in and stored. Please contact NHN if you can sign up weekly or even once a month!
  • Food Pantry Guest Pick up
  • Bake desserts for Food Kitchens
  • Can Drive Follow up - sorting and shelving cans
  • Food Pantry Cart Runners (should be at least 16 or accompanied by an adult if under 16).
  • Cleaning & stocking post-distribution day. Could be scheduled on Saturday or on the following Monday.
  • Collect plastic recycle bags for Food Pantry
  • Collect food cans for Food Pantry
Click on the link to our website www.nhnamherst.org to sign up!
Good work results in good reputation.
Saturday, October 6, the NHN Food Pantry served 103! That same morning, Garry Friend received a message about the mission work being done by NHN Volunteers. Feedback such as this message help us to see how God is blessing the work we do at NHN. The message read:

"I wanted to let you know what a good reputation you are building. I am working to help a family get back on their feet after losing almost all of their belongings to mold in an unsafe apartment. While delivering furniture that various people have donated this morning one of the adults came back from visiting your food pantry. She was so appreciative and impressed with the environment, quality of food, and dignity. They moved to the Lynchburg area to get away from bad influences for their children in Roanoke and then were mistreated and allowed to fall through the cracks by agencies they turned to for help here, but slowly they are being shown God's love mostly by Amherst Co people and you all are part of that. This family, my family, Amherst Co and the surrounding area are so blessed by your organization and staff.I know this woman made sure she made her thanks known this morning, but please pass along my heartfelt thanks to your volunteers as well! I know that I can direct people to you and trust that they WILL be taken care of and treated with respect and love and that is no small thing!"

Volunteer Spotlight
This month, we would like to spotlight volunteer Buddy Jennings . Buddy is one of those “behind the scenes volunteers.” He is the person every Thursday before the Food Kitchen opens, who places the NHN signs on Main Street in Amherst. Except for vacation or windy days, Buddy never misses placing the signs.  Buddy is also the person who made a frame reinforcing all of our signs, including the ones at the warehouse. One might say, Buddy helps point the way for our clients. Thank you, Buddy, for all you do for NHN!