NHS digital e-newsletter - July 2020
New Hours & Days of Operation
NHS is excited to announce our new days and hours of operation as we open up our doors to the general public.

The online registration forms are located on our website, under the VISIT tab.

Museum Gallery: W-F 10a-4pm
Wednesdays are open to the public, first come, first serve basis.
Thursdays and Fridays online registration is required to schedule your visit.

Research Library: W-F 12p-4pm
Wednesdays - Fridays online registration is required to schedule your upcoming research visit.

Please use these two forms to schedule your visits at NHS:

Our website link:
Photo, Alice wearing her nursing uniform, 1926.
Sharing your C-19 Histories
The Nevada Historical Society is here to support you & our community. As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, we see people, news reporters, and government leaders turn to
history and public institutions to consult records, photos, oral histories, journals—the historic record—for guidance.

So we’re asking you: what stories of Nevada’s from the past or present are giving you courage? How are you spending your days in this strange new “normal?” What have you learned about yourself, your friends, and your family that gives you strength amidst chaos?

Here is the COVID-19 Stories link with a couple of new stories added.
Please, send us a letter or email to add to the historical record, so future generations of Nevadans will know what these days were really like.

Here is a link to our online website form to make sharing your history with COVID-19 even easier.

Note from the Director
A Heartfelt Hello!

First, I would like to thank you for your support of the Nevada Historical Society; it is even more important as we face an uncertain future amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

I can finally give you an NHS update. Due to the Governor’s requests to cut funding, the NHS is down to two positions out of seven, the remaining two staff members’ hours and salaries are cut by 30% beginning July 1, 2020.

We will not be able to rehire any staff for the foreseeable future due to the state hiring freeze. The silver lining is, I didn’t have to lay off any staff like several of our sister state museums, and our short-term sacrifice saves health insurance and positions at our sister institutions.

The move to new facilities is also a victim of the dire funding predictions for the state of Nevada. The fiscal crisis and uncertain future funding for operating expenses lead me to make this very difficult and heart wrenching decision.
Safe workplace and reopening procedures have been implemented and are being implemented. This includes limiting the number of visitors to ensure the health and safety of our guests, staff and volunteers.

Beginning July 15, 2020, the Museum will be open to the public on Wednesdays only from
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM. We will provide services to the public, including the Research Library, during other hours through advanced reservations made through the NHS website.

The NHS really needs your personal and financial support now more than ever. Information is available on our website.

We continue to collect your COVID-19 stories for our archives and to share on our website. Thank you to everyone who contributed, keep those letters coming; you are documenting history!

Please feel free to contact me any time. The NHS is so proud to serve our state, our citizens and the public; with your support we will continue to serve for another 116 years!

This was Nevada NHS Series
Dan DeQuille - The Traveling Stones of Pahranagat.

We take up the story of Dan DeQuille the venerable scribe of the Territorial Enterprise, and his tale of the Traveling Stones of Pahranagat.

The original story appeared in the Enterprise on October 26, 1867, as a filler when homicide took a holiday, no new strikes were reported from the mines and the stock market was static. The scene was remote Pahranagat Valley in southern Nevada.

According to DeQuille, a prospector had found a large number of heavy stones which possessed some rather peculiar characteristics. When scattered about on a floor or level surface, they immediately began moving toward a common center and would huddle together like a covey of quail...

Photo, Assay office interior, Goodsprings, Nevada.
NHSQ - 'Q' Article
This month's focus is about mining with select stories that tell the story of the state of Nevada.

The article focuses upon Cornish folklore that miners observed while working on the Comstock. The story about small, dwarf-like men called Tommyknockers that would reward those of pure motives or punish those with excessive greed when working within the mines.

NHSQ - Fall 1986, pages 192 - 200.

You can get to the article two different ways:

  1. Use the arrows on the lower right screen to move between the pages.
  2. Select pages on the left side of the screen and scroll up or down.
Verdi Lumber Co., NHS Photo.
Don't forget to register for these wonderful talks!!

The links below direct you to the main pages for both organizations ...find the talk that's right for you.

NHS Artown Virtual Talks Schedule
Monday, July 6th
10:30 AM Before Reno and Sparks: Early Communities in Truckee Meadows
1:00 PM Gambling -- It's Older Than You Think

Monday, July 13th
10:30 AM Mining Now and Then
1:00 PM Gaming as a Microcosm of American History, a Look at Gaming Artifacts

Monday, July 20th
10:30 AM Early Reno
1:00 PM Washoe County

Monday, July 27
10:30 AM Nevada's First Senator: William M. Stewart
1:00 PM Early Reno
Photo, Jungo Area, Jumbo mine, 1937.
(NHS Photo HU-00762).
Photo, Fort Churchill.
(NHS Photo Mil-00007).
Nevada History Trivia
What was the name of the History Club at Swope Middle School in the early 1970s?

Answer - The Tommyknockers Junior History Club

The Nevada Historical Society worked
with local schools to promote History Clubs.

NHS sponsored a Nevada Day field trip on October 28, 1972 where more than 100 members from chapters in Reno-Sparks area and as far as Gerlach participated.

Students visited Dayton, Fort Churchill and segments of the old emigrant road to learn more about the historic Pyramid War.

Karla Koll, one of the students on this field trip wrote a poem about Fort Churchill that was published in the Q.

NHSQ Spring 1973, page 48-49.

Staff Notes - Farewell
So long and happy trails! 

It is with some sadness that I have decided to retire from the State of Nevada and return to the Bay Area. 

I have spent thirty plus years working as a public servant in government employment, the last fifteen of them for Nevada. In these uncertain times it is not feasible for me to continue in public service and yet that is the aspect I will miss the most, working with the public. 

These last six years with NHS docents and volunteers have really taught me the importance of continuing an active life after retirement and I hope that is something I will be able to do, at some point, in California. 

I have learned so much about the history of this great state but also the connectivity between Nevada and the San Francisco Bay Area. I will take this knowledge with me to California and look upon the area with a new set of eyes.
Thank you all for your wonderful support of the Historical Society. 

I know the remaining staff is small but with Shery’s experience and institutional knowledge, coupled with Catherine’s experience and excellent leadership capabilities, I expect that the NHS will ultimately weather the current storm and succeed in the future.

My son still lives in Reno so I will still have reason to come and visit and I fully expect to see everyone again sometime soon.

Much love to you all,

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