10th October 2011
Information up-date for Members of the House of Lords
Health Service Managers vote overwhelmingly to reject the Health Bill and ask you to vote to examine it in committee. 

Please forgive this intrusion into your in-box!  However, as you come to vote on the passage of this crucial piece of legislation we thought you would want to have details of our poll seeking the views of health managers about the Health and Social Care Bill.  It is the biggest and most inclusive poll of NHS managers opinion.

Say that the Bill should be withdrawn.
Nearly 3,000  took part in the biggest and most comprehensive measure of health managers' opinions to date.
For the full results please click here.

A summary of the reasons why they reject the Bill is here together with an alternative policy; practical and doable without the need for legislation and deliverable within existing resources.  
Click here and you will find an unedited selection the 800 comments left by managers as they voted.  We hope they will inform your debate.

NHS managers have just as strong a sense of vocation as their clinical colleagues.  The future of the NHS is vital to them and their families.  They are concerned the Bill will fragment the NHS, damage clinical linkages, does not enhance patient choice and will cost more to operate.
They say the NHS delivery architecture has been damaged by redundancies, demoralised talent leaving an insecure workplace and changes already half implemented without Parliamentary authority. However, a fall-back position of Integrated Care Organisations, salvaged from the remaining PCTs, boundaries coterminous with local authorities, would be deliverable in the short term, with Doctors pre-eminent in commissioning and a management cost-cap geared to turn-over. This could be achieved without legislation, more costs or upheaval.  

 If you would like more details you can contact us here.

Thank you
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