From  Diane Kochilas' My Greek Table
to your holiday table,  thank you
to those who could join us for this special  
NHS Salt Lake City Chapter event 
The  National Hellenic Society along with NHS member and host John Saltas were honored to welcome special guest chef/author  Diane Kochilas to Salt Lake City, UT, earlier this month at Manoli's Greek restaurant. 
"For thousands of years, the legacy of the glorious Greek kouzina has served as the centerpiece for bringing family, friends, and loved ones together over a meal," said  Art Dimopoulos, NHS Executive Director. 
" My Greek Table is an amazing program highlighting the kouzina's underlying culture, roots, and tradition conveyed by Master Chef Diane Kochilas on the incredible set we all call Greece," he shared. "Diane meets with a host of endearing and wonderful individuals on this discovery of the cuisine that mainstream audiences will enjoy and that we, the National Hellenic Society, celebrate as part of our mission to pass on the heritage and glory that is Greece."
NHS sponsored programs such as My Greek Table raises awareness of Hellenic heritage to conventional audiences while keeping our own community engaged in meaningful programs that yield results. NHS serves as the centerpiece of bringing together like-minded, successful people who otherwise would not have a way to connect with one another.
To our new attendees, we invite you to join us as members of this unique Hellenic organization which is dedicated to preserving our heritage by sponsoring and initiating programs that support our values and culture, benefiting our members and their families, and honoring our ancestors through an enduring network of accomplished Greek Americans focused on tradition, fellowship, and enrichment. 
Simply download the application form below to mail or join directly online:
Your NHS membership contribution benefits NHS programs at the local and national levels. We look forward to welcoming you to our parea as we establish unique local programs  and contributions for our Seattle Chapter while growing and enriching NHS for future generations. 
For more information on Diane Kochilas, please visit  Check  your local PBS listings to watch My Greek Table, or  watch episodes online at
For more photos from Diane Kochilas' the West Coast tour, please  CLICK HERE.
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