April 2022
This newsletter will help keep stakeholders informed of the standardisation and digitisation of nursing documentation in NHS Wales, as well as updates concerning the digital applications that nursing will be using.
One Year of the Welsh Nursing Care Record
Celebrating one year of the Welsh Nursing Care Record 

Digital Health and Care Wales are delighted to be celebrating one year since the first roll out of the Welsh Nursing Care Record (WNCR).
We would like to thank all members of NHS Wales staff who have helped make this possible and are immensely proud of the Team-Wales approach to the delivery of such an important and successful system.

Claire Bevan, Senior Responsible Owner reflected on the year,

“In the last 12 months we have improved the quality, safety and experience for our patients admitted to our adult in patient wards across five health boards and Velindre Trust through the implementation of WNCR. This is a significant point in nursing history moving from paper to digital improving the compliance and completeness of our adult in patient assessments and nursing documentation through standardisation and digitisation of nursing information.
We have much more to do and look forward to the next steps as we continue to develop the WNCR. Thank you to all the project team and to every member of staff who have contributed to make this possible.”

Chief Nursing Information Officer for Digital Heath and Care Wales, Fran Beadle added,

“The last year has gone beyond our expectations demonstrating how nurses have not only successfully adapted to new ways of working but have also utilised the data to support and improve the care of patients and citizens across Wales. We are very proud.”
DHCW’s CEO Helen Thomas is also delighted at the impressive implementation and talked to nurses toward the end of 2021 about using the system during a visit to Neath Port Talbot Hospital in Swansea Bay.
Helen was incredibly encouraged to hear such positive feedback, which she referenced in DHCW’s recent one year celebration video that you can watch below discussing WNCR’s award win and more.
One Year of the Welsh Nursing Care Record
The positive impact of WNCR has been felt across NHS Wales and staff have been forthcoming in demonstrating benefits and thanks in their feedback
Mandy Rayani- Hywel Dda University Health Board - Director of Nursing, Quality and Patient Experience  

“The implementation and roll out of WNCR across all our sites within the health board is making a real difference to staff and patients. This is truly a patient-centred system which enables nurses and other members of the MDT caring for people to be responsive to care needs whilst clearly evidencing the care provided. It is now a digital technology that is embedded in practice and we are now asking ourselves how we managed without it. All staff are looking forward to the continued development of the system.”

Nicola Williams, Director of Nursing, AHP's & Medical Scientists, Velindre Corporate Trust HQ  

The digitalisation of nursing documentation within Velindre has been welcomed by all staff, and this enthusiasm allowed for a well-executed transition from paper to digital last Spring. This has definitely released nursing time and made legibility, audit and assurance much easier.
Recent audits have demonstrated a significant improvement in the quality of data entry since digitalisation of nursing assessments. There is now clear evidence that the initial nursing assessments are completed within the targeted 4 hours from admission. The team at Velindre are eager for all documentation to be digitalised as quickly as possible. This will also make transfers of care much safer and quicker as well.
Additionally, the Clinical Nurse Specialist’s role, has allowed observations of the system to be easily fed back to the Digital Health and Care Wales team, which has increased our clinical staff’s confidence in the transition to digitalisation and ensured their voices have been heard.”

Greg Dix, Executive Nurse Director Cwm Taf Morganwwg 

“I spent some time at both Ysbyty Cwm Cynon Hospital and Ysbyty Cwm Rhondda Hospital a couple of weeks ago and without exception, all Ward Managers told me that the new digital system was a ‘game-changer’ for them and their teams in both releasing time to care, but also the level of assurance that the system provides from an audit perspective.

I must also add that I spent some time chatting to a HCSW in her 40th year of service and in her words “knew nothing about computers” and was very anxious leading up to the implementation date. It turned out that the excellent training she received from the team and the 1-1 support, completely alleviated her anxieties and absolutely loves the new digital system!

A huge success for us and roll out in Royal Glamorgan Hospital going well and again, such positive feedback from staff.”

More positive feedback from nurses across NHS Wales can be found in the video below. 

Digital Nursing events showcase collaboration across NHS Wales 

Digital Health and Care Wales hosted four successful digital nursing engagement events throughout March telling the story of the Welsh Nursing Care Record (WNCR).  

The events were organised to engage a range of stakeholders to showcase the vast amount of work achieved so far, along with future developments and technical insights into the design of the system. The events were well attended and generated rich discussion in the live Q&A sessions with NHS Wales staff contributing from multiple health boards across the country. 
The first event was an introduction to WNCR directed at the student nurses and universities of across Wales. The second event focussed on senior health board executives. Technical development and innovation and the standardisation of nursing documentation and implementation of the WNCR completed the series.  

Answers to the questions asked in the events can be found here and you can watch all four nursing events on our Youtube channel by following the links below 👇 
**Go lives as of week commencing 31/03/2022**  
What's next for WNCR? 

We are hoping to be rolled out to all health boards by the end of this year.  

Some next steps in the development: 
  • Delivering the technical roadmap, aligned to open architecture 
  • Implementation in Cardiff and Vale and ABUHB 
  • Professional leadership: NMDCIAG (Nursing & Midwifery Digital & Clinical Informatics Advisory Group), HEIW GWELLA, FNF, CNIO, CNS - Digital Skills Framework, Msc Digital Skills for Health & Care Professionals  
  • Using WNCR data and information: informing R&D, driving quality assurance, improvement and learning  
  • Business As Usual transition: Governance, funding and operations 
  • Standardisation of tranche 4 nursing documents: 
Phase two  
  • Food and Fluid Balance Chart 
  • Decision Support Tool 
  • Repositioning Chart 
  • Bristol Stool Chart  
  • Infection Control Extended Assessment  
  • Care Plans 
  • IV and Catheter Bundles 
  • Discharge Planning  
  • Mouthcare Assessment  
  • End of Life Documentation 
  • Frailty Assessment  
  • Wound care  
  • Blood Glucose Monitoring 
DHCW Business Change teams have been instrumental to the implementation and will carry on supporting NHS Wales wards as they turn digital.

We will keep you up to date on what further documentation is going to be digitised next and as ever your feedback is welcomed.

Thank you once again for being so adaptive and agile in this momentous and essential digital change for NHS Wales.
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