National Hellenic Society's
Heritage Weekend Showcases Acclaimed Speakers and Entertainment from Greece

The National Hellenic Society's (NHS) Heritage Weekend and Classic returned to Las Vegas at the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort and Spa October 6-9, 2016 for a weekend of inspiring activities, programs, and entertainment. The weekend attracted over 350 prominent Greek American NHS members and guests.

Weekend activities for sporting enthusiasts included a tennis tournament, the  Telly Savalas Memorial Golf Classic,  and a special hiking tour through the picturesque Red Rock Canyon with Dean Karnazes , the world-renowned ultra-marathoner.  Guests experienced exotic car racing, desert tours, hot air balloon rides and other recreational activities.  

Celebrity entertainment featured Greece's popular singer,  Thanos Petrelis,  and his band at an awards gala in honor of Emmy Award-winning legendary actor John Aniston ; HBO executive and Academy Award-winning producer Kary Antholis , Director and CEO at the University of Virginia's Miller Center and Emeritus Managing Director of Brookings,  William Antholis , and philanthropist, pharmaceutical industry entrepreneur and NHS co-founder, George Behrakis.

Throughout the weekend, a "who's who" of esteemed voices covered such topics as heritage and culture, science and medicine, sports, foreign policy, and the presidency. Over 25 speakers included notables and leaders, such as Dr. Panos Anastasiadis, a leader of a cancer research team at the Mayo Clinic; Panos Anastassiadis, one of the world's leading cyber intelligence and risk security experts following his role as President, CEO of Cyveillance, Inc.;  Dr. John Camp,  Director of the Agora Excavations; Jim Daopoulos, Official and Supervisor of Officiating for the NFL for over 20 years;  John Gumas,  sports advertising expert,  Paul Glastris , Editor in Chief of  The Washington Monthly;  Dr. Stamatios M. Krimigis , Emeritus Head and Principal Staff Scientist of the Space Department of the Johns Hopkins University Applied  Physics Laboratory directing over 600 scientists and engineers;  Elizabeth Lee , archaeologist and Managing Director of CyArk, an international non-profit organization that captures, archives and enables virtual access to the world's cultural heritage;  legendary Buffalo Bills coach and four time Super Bowl Coach,  Marv Levy;   Alexandra Liveris,  award-winning film producer of the NHS/National Geographic co-production,  The Greek Guide to Greatness Jared Lipworth, Emmy Award winning producer at PBS and National Geographic, Executive Producer of this summer's miniseries, The Greeks, on PBS and Executive Producer of The Greek Guide to Greatness; Suffolk University pollster, David Paleologos;  Art Mantaris, the dean of Las Vegas oddsmakers;   George Orfanakos, Executive Director of  the American School of Classical Studies;  The Honorable    Andrew Natsios Professor at Texas A&M University's Bush School of Government and Public Service and the Director of the Scowcroft Institute, Emeritus Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development;  Ambassador John Negroponte , Professor at Yale University and served as the nation's first Director of National Intelligence during the aftermath of the 9/11 crisis and ensuing war in Iraq and Afghanistan; Stanford University classicist  Dr. Reviel Netz and  distinguished historian overseeing the University of Pennsylvania's Special Collections Center  Dr. William Noel , who recovered the lost Archimedes Palimpsest; and,  Ambassador Patrick Theros , former Ambassador to Qatar and Executive Director of the U.S. Qatar Business Council. 

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Princess Tatiana of Denmark and Greece presented her book at Heritage Weekend,  A Taste of Greece,  her personal love letter to Greece and her effort to join forces with individuals and organizations from throughout the world to support the efforts of Boroume , a charitable foundation that benefits the poor in Greece . A Taste of Greece  features celebrity recipes from an array of contributors such as Maestro Zubin Mehta, Ariana Huffington, Rita Wilson , and more, sharing their own recipes, interest in Greek culture, and concern for Greece's path to recovery. 

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T he National Hellenic Society is an association of Greek American leaders, visionaries, and philanthropists dedicated to perpetuating and celebrating its heritage. NHS is noted for developing and engaging programs that promote Hellenism and create impacting rewarding experience for its members, families and communities. The Heritage Weekend and Classic annually offers an opportunity for NHS members and guests to share a unique experience.

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