NHSBA Update: Emergency Order #89

Dear NHSBA Members -
The NH Department of Education released a Q&A/FAQ with a number of questions that were submitted by school districts and the corresponding answers provided by the Department. This information may be of assistance to those districts that are still considering applying for a waiver to this Emergency Order. That Q&A document can be accessed here:

It is NHSBA's understanding that many school boards have decided not to file for a waiver because they are either able to comply with the Order or they believe the request will not be granted. Conversely, a number of school boards have submitted requests for a waiver because they are unable to comply with the Order due to health and safety concerns or logistical or operational barriers.
Please contact NHSBA if your board has any questions about the Emergency Order, the waiver process, or any related matters.

Barrett M. Christina, Esq.
NHSBA Executive Director