NHSBA Update: Governor's Emergency Order/Return to School

Dear NHSBA Members -
As you have undoubtedly heard, on Thursday April 1st, Governor Sununu issued an Emergency Order mandating that all schools return to in-person learning five-days per week, while still offering a remote learning options for students or staff that have health risks or are not comfortable returning in-person.
The Governor's announcement was wholly unanticipated, as, to NHSBA's knowledge, school boards and school administrators were not consulted before the Emergency Order was issued. As a result of this mandate, school boards will likely have to change their re-entry plans. The obstacles to this will be challenging, as school districts are already struggling to find adequate transportation, support staff, substitute teachers, and numerous other operational and logistical aspects of re-opening schools.
The Emergency Order at issue has not yet been published on the Governor's official webpage. NHSBA will provide further information as it becomes available.
Please contact us if NHSBA can be of assistance.

Barrett M. Christina, Esq.
NHSBA Executive Director