NHSBA Update: NHDOE Announces Task
Force for Re-opening Schools

Dear NHSBA Members -
Yesterday, the NHDOE announced the formation of School Transition Reopening and Redesign Task force (STRRT).  This Task Force will bring together stakeholders from across the New Hampshire education system to provide recommendations on bringing students back into school buildings this fall.  The Task Force plans to issue preliminary recommendations by June 30, with follow-up recommendations within 30 days.  NHSBA is pleased to have a seat on this Task Force.  The first meeting is scheduled for Thursday May 14, 2020 at 2pm.
NHSBA believes this first meeting will be open to the public via remote/electronic means.  You can register to attend at the following link:
Additionally, please see the attached document for additional information about the Task Force.

Last, it is important that the voices of local school boards be heard.  While this Task Force will ultimately provide recommendations to school districts, it is most likely that solutions to these challenges will be developed and implemented locally.  With this in mind, please email me with any thoughts, concerns, ideas or considerations that you would like NHSBA to present to the Task Force.
Thank you.

Barrett M. Christina, Esq.
NHSBA Executive Director
(603) 228-2061

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