Dear NHSBA Members -
Over the past few weeks, many New Hampshire school boards have been faced with making highly impactful decisions in response to holiday travel, responses to increased COVID cases, determinations to pivot to remote instruction, implications of in-person specialized services, staffing needs, etc.  

We have received some calls from members in regards to these complicated decisions, and are happy to talk through any concerns or questions you may have during this time.  

If you would like to talk further as you are confronted with these decisions, please do not hesitate to reach out to NHSBA to support your decision making process.  Both Will Phillips and Becky Wilson are able to work through individualized district concerns with you, in hopes of providing guidance during these unprecedented times for our member school boards. 

Becky Wilson

NHSBA Director of Governmental Relations

William J. Phillips
Staff Attorney & Director of Policy Services

(603) 228-2061