NHSBA Update: Notice Regarding Governor's
 Emergency Order #83 - 2021 Annual Meeting Postponement 

Dear NHSBA Members -
On January 22, Governor Sununu issued Emergency Order#83 (a link to which is below). Among other things, the order allows towns and school districts to postpone their 2021 annual meetings (inclusive of ballot voting, as well as business and deliberative sessions). Paragraphs 3 and 4 generally reflect the same options as those set forth in a bill pending before the state Legislature (2020 SB2).  The more flexible postponement provisions of EO#83 along with last year's HB1129 (see link below) provide districts with several options for planning their upcoming annual meetings.
Under both EO#83 and HB1129, As the governing body, the school board which has ultimate the authority to invoke the either the postponement provisions of EO#12 or the alternative meeting framework of HB1129.  Such authority should (under HB1129) and shall (under EO#83) only be exercised after consultation with the moderator(s).  School boards which coordinate with the town elections are strongly encouraged to work closely with both the district and town moderators, especially in cooperative districts.
If you have questions regarding either EO#83 or HB1129, please contact NHSBA Staff Attorney Will Phillips.
Emergency Order #83 - see paragraphs 3 & 4
HB1129 (2020 N.H. Laws Chapter 8) - see section 8:3

William J. Phillips
NHSBA Staff Attorney & Director of Policy Services