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NIA Advocates for Virtual Capabilities for Code Departments
NIA has partnered with 53 other construction industry organizations to sign and send letters to Congress and to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to support additional federal resources for virtual capabilities for code departments. Investments that establish virtual capabilities, including technology that enables remote plan review, permitting, and inspections, as well as online access to codes and standards to protect workers while allowing necessary functions and permitting for construction work, will help speed up the restart of the economy and avoid construction delays. Click here to read the letter to FEMA and the letter to Congressional leadership .
Update: Paycheck Protection Program
On Sunday, the Treasury Department announced that the United States has made over $500 billion in loans to small businesses, and about $145 billion remains in the congressionally approved fund. The Small Business Administration/Treasury Department have updated their FAQ document, adding 3 new questions. Click here to read the FAQs, including question 40 about loan forgiveness and offers to re-hire laid off employees.

The IRS also issued guidelines making non-deductible an employer’s normally tax-deductible business expenses to the extent those expenses are included in PPP loan forgiveness. This IRS action effectively reverses the CARES Act provision that any amounts forgiven by a PPP loan “shall be excluded from gross income.” Legislation is under consideration to reverse the action.
Re-opening the Economy: Sharing Input & State Updates
As employers follow state and local guidelines while making decisions on resuming business operations, the DOL is gathering resources and seeking input from employers, workers, local authorities, and advocacy groups to share ideas on 6 topics:

1. Re-opening businesses
2. Commuting safely
3. Working safely
4. Accommodating members of vulnerable populations
5. Supporting America’s families
6. Reducing regulatory burdens

Click here to respond by Thursday, May 7, and also to view resources.

For information in spreadsheet form on state and local COVID-19 response and status, click here to view.
DOL Issues Guidance on Short-Time Compensation
The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) issued additional guidance regarding federal reimbursement of certain state Short-Time Compensation (STC) payments, as well as other changes to STC programs under the CARES Act.

The STC program, also known as “work-sharing” or “shared work,” is a layoff aversion program in which an employer, under a state-approved plan, reduces the hours for a group of workers. These workers in turn receive a reduced unemployment benefit payment. This program preserves employees’ jobs and employers’ workforces during disruption to regular business activity by reducing hours of work for an entire group of affected employees rather than laying off some employees while others continue to work full time.

Section 2108 of the CARES Act provides for temporary 100% federal financing of STC payments in a state with a STC program, whether that program is new or pre-existing. Section 2109 provides for a state without a qualifying STC program to enter into an agreement with the Secretary of Labor to operate a temporary federal STC program. Section 2110 provides $100 million in grants to support states in implementing and administering STC programs. Section 2111 provides that the department will give technical assistance and guidance to states implementing STC programs. Click here to learn more.
American Airlines Update: Face Mask Policy
As we previously shared, airlines are implementing new face covering policies. American Airlines has updated its policy to require passengers to wear a face covering starting on May 11. For now, they strongly encourage it. Click here to read more.
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