May 15, 2020
A Note from the Administrators
Today is the last day of new lessons! Now it's time to finish strong and celebrate. Next week is our Make-Up Week for any students who are missing work. Please make sure your students get all their work caught up and turned in so their final report card reflects all the hard work they have put in this year. Then, we celebrate! There are so many fun and exciting virtual events and socially distanced celebrations coming up, and we are excited to honor, acknowledge, and mark the passing of this wonderful, crazy year.
Mrs. Blakeslee and Mrs. Hart
Upcoming Events
May 18th-22nd - Make - Up Days for all missing work
May 18th - Reading Data Collection Assessment
(3rd-6th Grade)
May 19th - Math Data Collection Assessment
(3rd-6th Grade)
May 20th - Virtual Field Day
May 21st - College and Career Day
May 22nd - Virtual Talent Show
May 27th - Kindergarten Graduation
May 28th - 6th Grade Crossover
May 28th - Virtual Award Ceremonies
May 29th - Last Day of School! Distribution of End of
Year Student Documents and Awards
College and Career Day
Do you, or someone you know, have an interesting job they would be willing to tell our students about? We are hosting our virtual College and Career Day on May 21st and would love to have them participate! Submissions will be short videos, no longer than five minutes. We will collect them and share them with our students to spark their interests in new fields of study, encourage them to pursue higher education, and provide more information for them about jobs they are already interested in.
Email Mrs. Blakeslee for more information or to receive the interview questions.
Virtual Talent Show
The Grace Spectacular Virtual Talent Show information has been posted on all grade level Specials pages as well as the Student Engagement page within our Google Classrooms. If your student is interested in participating in this year’s talent show, please refer to the information found within those pages for more information. The deadline is Friday, May 22nd, by 5:00 pm, for video submission and consideration. For further information or questions, please email Mrs. Ramirez at .
Data Gathering Assessments
On May 18th and 19th, we will be taking End of Year Data Gathering Assessments in 3rd-6th grade. These will be online assessments to determine students' levels of proficiency in reading and math. These are not going to be graded, and we request that all students take the assessment with no academic assistance from family members. These results will be used to determine who will qualify for Summer School as well as help us plan for instruction in the fall.

Individual logins and instructions will be sent to students to take the assessments, and families will be given immediate results.
Brooke of Life Uniforms
Brooke of Life Uniforms is now offering an online store!

Pickup is available 1-2pm at the following campuses:
Monday - NIA Fort Worth
Wednesday - NIA Gibbons
Cedar Hill - NIA Cedar Hill

For more information, contact Rob Johnson at
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