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National Council for Aging Care Guide to Seasonal Flu for Seniors

Vaccinate Your Family
A Program of Every Child By Two

 Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Vaccine Safety references

CIC's Favs:  Everything you need to know about school immunization requirements in California

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VFC resources and interactive training modules  
Vaccinations protect every member of your family, visit: for clear, science-based information about vaccines and vaccine preventable diseases for parents by parents. to educate local and national health organizations, coalitions, and public health departments about effective immunization communication strategies.

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Our Mission

The California Immunization Coalition is a public-private partnership dedicated to achieving and maintaining full immunization protection for all Californians to promote health and prevent serious illness. 
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National Immunization Awareness Month #NIAM18
August is National Immunization Awareness Month.
Many thanks to our local, state and national partners who are participating this year. We have seen your posts and tweets and photos and are glad you have used and adapted the key messages, vaccine information, sample news releases, templates, and social media messages in the NIAM Toolkit.  Immunization promotion is a year round effort, keep up the great work!  
Each week in August has had a suggested theme:
Aug. 5-11: Pregnant Women: Protect yourself and pass  protection to your baby
Aug. 12-18: Babies and Young Children: A healthy start begins with on-time vaccinations
  Aug. 19-25: Preteens and Teens: Ensure a healthy future with vaccines
Aug. 26-31: Adults: Vaccines are not just for kids
Many of  you have been sharing information and posting, reposting, retweeting NIAM activities and encouraging others on social media which definitely inspires others. (Tag with #NIAM18 ! ). Please be sure to also record your activities on the NPHIC website here: 2018 NIAM Activities.

Congratulations to Senator Pan and  
Vaccinate California - Senate Resolution 120
CIC wants to thank Senator Richard Pan, MD and Leah Russin, Co-Founder and Executive Director for Vaccinate California for authoring and sponsoring Senate Resolution 120 acknowledging August as National Immunization Awareness Month. 

Read the full text of the Resolution here. 
Protecting Mothers and Infants
through Maternal Immunization
Education Hour Webinar  
Recorded August 23 - Now Available  
Maternal immunization is recommended to protect both mother and young infants from vaccine-preventable diseases. The rationale for maternal immunization is built on the concept of passive protection; women mount an antibody response after immunization and transfer protective antibodies across the placenta during pregnancy to protect the infant during the first months of life. Influenza and pertussis vaccination is recommended for all pregnant women in the United States.  
CIC extends our deepest thanks to Dr. Mary Healy of Texas Children's Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine who presented on our August Education Hour.  Dr. Healy provided the clinical evidence supporting the effectiveness of prenatal Tdap in preventing disease in infants and about effective strategies for successful communication of the importance of receiving the vaccine to pregnant women.  
We are also very grateful to Rebeca Boyte, MAS, Health Education Supervisor at the CDPH Immunization Branch who provided information on California's maternal immunization rates and CDPH resources.
View this excellent program here - Protecting Mothers and Infants on the CIC Education Hour section of the website.  Special thanks to the leadership of the Education and Emerging Issues Committees for coordinating this webinar and to Dr. Pia Pannaraj for moderating.  
A Pertussis Epidemic is Coming:
Get Your Hands on Latest Resources

 A pertussis epidemic is on the horizon, and the time to prepare is now. To that end, the California Department of Public Health, Immunization Branch has been working closely with Immunization Coordinators, Maternal Child, and Adolescent Health Staff as well as Communicable Disease Controllers to gather resources that:
  • Assist providers in making strong recommendations and referrals (when needed) for prenatal Tdap
  • Educate pregnant women on the importance of prenatal immunizations, and
  • Help pharmacies promote immunizations at their pharmacies.  
To view the latest toolkit, please visit:

Please download pertinent tools, share them with colleagues, and help spread the word that prenatal Tdap is the BEST way to protect babies from pertussis. To learn more about the work group or to join, please contact

Save The Date for the Next VICNetwork Webinar
2018-19 Seasonal Flu Recommendations and Communications Messaging  
Monday, September 17, 2018 
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Eastern/ 10:00 am - 11:00 am Pacific 
Mark your calendar and register today -  
Or register today and let the technology mark your calendar!
Additional details to follow.  Register Here  

NIS Data on Teen Vaccines

National Immunization Survey (NIS) data on Adolescents Aged 13-17 years was released last week (Friday, August 24)  National, Regional, State, and Selected Local Area Vaccination Coverage Among Adolescents Aged 13-17 Years - United States, 2017
California specific data shows:
  •  In 2017, coverage estimates for ≥1 Tdap, ≥1 MenACWY, ≥ 1 HPV vaccine, and ≥2 VAR doses were similar to 2016 estimates; coverage with ≥2 MMR increased compared with 2016 estimates.
  • In 2017, 53.4% of adolescents were up to date (UTD) with the HPV vaccine series.
  • The Healthy People 2020 targets was met for ≥1 Tdap and ≥1 MenACWY, but not for HPV UTD in females and males combined or separately. 
  • In 2017, coverage for HPV UTD estimates among females and males combined and separately were similar to 2016 estimates.
Important takeaways from a national perspective - HPV vaccination initiation and completion continue to increase and further efforts to address barriers to HPV vaccination initiation and series completion likely will lead to greater protection against HPV-associated cancers.

2018 - Nevada Health Conference
Paving A Path to a Healthy Nevada 
Hosted by Immunize Nevada, the Nevada Health Conference is a unique, interdisciplinary conference for practitioners and community partners from different health professions. The conference will be October 15 -16, and will feature keynote speaker,
Dr. Nathan Boonstra (@PedsGeekMD), general pediatrician practicing in the Blank Children's Pediatric Clinic.  
This year's theme, "Paving the Path for a Healthy Nevada" highlights the importance of collaboration with other healthcare disciplines, addresses the health disparities, barriers, and challenges that continue to exist across the lifespan through an array of healthcare-related fields. Plenary and workshop sessions featuring local and national experts will offer cutting edge information to help support the communities where you live and work.  
For more information and to register, visit .  

2019 National Conference for IZ Coalitions and Partnerships in Honolulu, HI
Save the date! The Hawaii Immunization Coalition and the Hawaii Public Health Institute are pleased to announce that they will be co-hosting the 2019 National Conference for Immunization Coalitions and Partnerships to be held at the Ala Moana Hotel from November 13-15, 2019. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with immunization partners from across the country.
Watch for updates on the Hawaii IZ Coalition's website and social media sites (@immunizehawaii on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

Earn an "A" in Back-to School Prep
I s your immune system ready for school? The new school year often means increased exposure to coughs, sniffles, and more serious illnesses like flu and pertussis. Students, teachers, clerical staff, and even bus drivers should make sure they're up-to-date on their shots.
Visit  for information about required immunizations for kids entering child care and schools. There's also a special page for employees and volunteers at Child Care Centers. And the Schedules and Recommendations page on has lots of great resources and recommendations. Start your homework now to stay healthy this school year! is an indispensable repository of information and resources for you and your colleagues to use in your important work. Click here to subscribe.

In The News
August has been busy!  In case you missed it, a few items of interest that we have been sharing that may interest you as well.  Remember to follow CIC on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on vaccine news and information.  

CDC's Resources on New Shingles Vaccine
One in three people in the U.S. get Shingles during their lifetime. A new, preferentially recommended vaccine (Shingrix®) is more than 90% effective at preventing shingles and long-term nerve pain.The CDC has prepared a new suite of shingles vaccine materials to help you vaccinate your eligible patients age 50+ years. Please share these resources with your clinical team. Thank you for helping to prevent shingles! 
Education/training resources for health care professionals:
Resources for patients :
For additional information about recent changes in recommendations for shingles vaccines and administration errors, see:

CA School IZ Requirements -
New Rules and Updates
A number of changes are coming to the California school immunization requirements effective July 1st, 2019.
Starting in the 2019-2020 school year, changes to the California school immunization requirement regulations include, but are not limited to:
  • Requiring 2 (rather than 1) doses of chickenpox (varicella) vaccine at
    • Kindergarten entry
    • 7th grade advancement
    • K-12 admission or transfer
  • Requiring 2 MMR doses and 3 Hepatitis B vaccine doses at admission or transfer more uniformly throughout K-12 (age restrictions are removed)
  • Medical exemptions for new admissions may be signed only by a California-licensed MD/DO
  • Each temporary medical exemption may be issued for no more than 12 months
Schools can start preparing for these changes by recording all chickenpox vaccine doses for admissions on the Blue Card or school information system and by compiling lists of (at least) current 5th grade students with no record of a 2nd dose of varicella vaccine.
Version with edits - here.
Version without mark-ups - here. : 
Please watch for updates at 

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