School Newsletter: May 21, 2020
Well Done
‘May my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew, like showers on the new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants.’ Deuteronomy 32:2

It is hard to believe that the end of another academic year is almost here. Time passes so quickly as schools and classrooms will close with a different look this spring. Although there has been a new way to learn and teach the last few months, I saw students filled with an eagerness to learn, dedicated teachers, and a lot of learning that took place. Take a moment and reflect on the last months where God blessed you to instruct His Lambs.
Some of you may have been like me and focused on a verse from Scripture to direct you through the days, weeks, and months of the year.

I often used the passage printed above. I prayed that God would use my teaching to “fall like rain” and help the students grow just as the rain causes tender plants to sprout. I always entered a new school year focusing on how God would use me to assist in the education of the children. How would they sprout and grow throughout the year? This year has been unique, yet God caused growth through the dedication, love, and strength you all showed. The power of the Gospel saves us and empowers us.

You have served faithfully and each child has sprouted like that tender plant referred to in Deuteronomy 32:2. As I visited the schools the Northern Illinois District this year, it was a blessing to see and hear how you were assisting the growth of each child, especially in their spiritual walk. I heard so many sharing the love of Jesus and reassuring the children that they are precious in the sight of the Savior! You are precious to the Savior and all the wrongs of this past year are laid on Him. We repent and believe the Gospel.

So, as you have tended to the children, now I would share a poem that I came upon recently to wrap up the idea of where you started in August…

The Little Plant
“In the heart of a seed,
Buried deep so deep,
A tiny plant
Lay fast asleep.
‘Wake,’ said the sunshine,
‘And creep to the light.’
‘Wake,’ said the voice
Of the raindrops bright.
The little plant heard
And it rose to see,
What the wonderful,
Outside world might be.”
-           Author Unknown

To many children this year, you were the sunshine and the raindrops. You have prepared them well for the ‘outside world’ and the next step in their learning.
Well done. Thank you for your dedication. To God be the glory of each of our schools and the faithful workers.

Enjoy a blessed summer!

Serving the Master Teacher,
Lois Stewart
You Are All Heroes

Your daily walk with Jesus gives me joy! As this unique school year starts to draw to a close, know how very much all of your efforts have been appreciated as teachers and administrators in our NID schools. We are a community working together as the Holy Spirit continues to build faith in the children. What will your blueprint for back to school look like?
Past Due: NLSA Cumulative Annual Reports and NLSA District Accreditation Fees

We understand that the pandemic onslaught has played havoc with all our schools and perhaps our finances, but please remember that continued accreditation requires submission of your Cumulative Annual Report and the payment of the $125.00 NID accreditation fee. Although the deadline for submitting both was due April 15, we can work with you on submitting these two crucial items. If you have not yet submitted either of both of these, please contact Keith Wilharm at to set an agreeable date. NOTE: THE NATIONAL ACCREDITATION COMMISSION MEETS JULY 28. It is critical you have plans in place to meet the report and fee obligations by then.

Email your reports to Keith at Send your $125.00 annual fee to:

Keith Wilharm
207 N. Walnut St.
Elmhurst, IL 60126

Make checks payable to “LCMS Northern Illinois District”. An invoice for the District fee is attached.
Accreditation Rescheduling

Keith Wilharm will be in touch with schools that needed to postpone presentations to faculty and Validation Team visits. We’ll work toward rescheduling in the expectation that at some point schools will return to a new normal. Feel free to Contact Keith with any questions or concerns. Home office is 630-279-5979. Cell phone is 847-529-8614. Email is .
National Accreditation Fees

As you look forward to the coming years and work on budget, please note that the annual Synod fees for Accreditation will be as follows:
2020-2021 ($700)
2021-2022 ($750).
2020-2021 Theme

The theme for the coming school year is “Sent to Serve”. Matthew 20:28 is the reference verse. The Chapel Talks and National Lutheran Schools Week theme materials will be available soon. National Lutheran Schools Week will be celebrated January 24-30, 2021.
Early Childhood Updates

The Early Childhood Educators in the NID have been meeting regularly to share ideas and strategies. As a result of those meetings, two valuable resources have been created. They have been emailed to each Early Childhood Director and also appear on the resource page of the NID website. Vis it to download the resources.

Many thanks to Mrs. Melissa Smith who has served as an Early Childhood Consultant for several years. Your expertise has been valued and you will be missed. Melissa is stepping away to continue her work at CUC after the completion of her doctorate.

We have been blessed and are excited to welcome our new Early Childhood Consultant! Mrs. Doreen Peterson serves as the Director at Christ the Rock Preschool in Rockford. Welcome and God’s blessings as you serve in this new role!
Dates to Remember

Please keep these dates in mind in preparation for the 2020-2021 school year:
  1. Back to School Worship and Keynote at St. John’s, LaGrange (Monday, August 10 from 9am to noon).
  2. New Worker Event at NID Office (Thursday, Sept. 24 all day). This will be for new workers that have come into the district. They will receive an invitation.
  3. Marketing Seminar at Bethany Naperville (Tuesday, Sept. 29 all day). Watch for information. This seminar is for the people in your ministry that are responsible for marketing your school (Admission Director? Principal? Teacher? School Secretary? ???)
  4. All Worker Conference at Concordia Chicago (Friday, Oct. 16 all day).
Virtual Comfort Dog Visits

Please see the linked web page on how you can schedule virtual Comfort Dog visits for your students. Maybe a story time or just to pop in and say hello. Request a visit by visiting
Soldiers of the Cross

Be encouraged to visit the NID website for information on the LCMS Program “Soldiers of the Cross”. You will find that information on the Coronavirus page.
A Great Article on tips for reopening our schools

You may find some great ideas and thoughts to ponder. Visit

Please visit on a regular basis for updates. Resources for Post COVID-19 Restart will be up on the website in the near future.
A Message from Vanda Toner (LCEF)

“If your ministry is facing serious financial impact from the COVID-19 crisis, please feel free to contact me so we can discuss possible options. I will do everything I can to work with you on developing a plan of action that makes sense for your ministry and LCEF. You can contact me through email at or on my cell phone at 224-423-1867.” Please visit for three documents that may be helpful to your ministries (Give Now document, Joyful Response document, and Loan Remedy document).
2020-2021 Leadership Conferences

Save the dates for the 2020-2021 Administrator Conferences at CUC. All elementary principals and Early Childhood Directors are encouraged to attend each morning conference. The dates are: Monday September 28, Monday February 3, and Monday April 20. Watch for registration material to be sent in the near future.
All Worker Conference

The planning committee is working hard and moving forward with plans to hold the All Worker Conference on Friday, Oct. 16 at Concordia University Chicago. We thank you for your patience as we navigate logistics during this period of time.

Registration for the All Worker Conference will be sent out when the registration site is up and running. When the registration sire goes live, it will be shared in a special summer School Newsletter and also put on the NID website ( ). As you look ahead and plan for the October 16 conference at Concordia University Chicago, here are a few helpful items:
  1. Registration is $90.00 per person. We are thankful that we have been able to keep the registration cost the same for a few years.
  2. It would be helpful if the school administrator would register the whole staff. Print the sectional pages and hand them to the staff. Have each staff member mark their choices for you to add. Once registration is completed, the worker is able to access the site and edit as they feel the need.
  3. If a worker leaves your staff over the summer, the new person’s information can be transferred to a new name.
  4. The call for nominations for the four Teacher of the Year Awards and also the Mustard Seed Award (distinguished volunteer). The form will be attached to the next newsletter. The due date for submission will be on the form. There are many deserving workers in the NID. Please seriously consider nominating someone for the award. They do not have to be on your staff. Award Nomination Form.
  5. We are working on ensuring Continuing Education Credits for elementary and early childhood (Gateways).
What's Next? Resource Now Available

The LCMS Northern Illinois District has assembled a report of resources and information on the reopening of our churches and schools. Part I includes information for our churches on best practices as well as outreach and ministry to those in need.
Illinois Coalition of Nonpublic Schools: ICNS

The Illinois Coalition of Nonpublic Schools is a valuable organization worth your support. Especially this spring, they have worked hard to support and gain notice of our IL nonpublic schools. ICNS has three consultants in Springfield that are able to bring our schools to the front to be noticed as decisions are being made for schools in IL. They work hard to make sure our schools receive their fair share of funding from the local public school districts.

As school leaders, please consider (if you are not currently a member) joining ICNS for the support you receive. Visit for details. The annual fees are listed on the website. Their newsletters are very valuable as well.
School Sustainability Seminar

Dr. Brockberg and I are in discussion on the best way to proceed with the seminar. Now, more than ever, this is important for our schools. Information will follow soon. Please watch for details.
Hearts for Jesus

We thank you for your participation in the ‘Hearts for Jesus’ mission this year. Lutheran Heritage Foundation will be blessed with our gifts. If you still have contributions, you may forward them to the NID Office (2301 S. Wolf Rd., Hillside, IL 60162). Please send them to the attention of Lois Stewart.
Filled with living hope in Christ,

Confessing, Praising,

and Advancing His Kingdom

For Information on LCEF contact Vanda Toner at 708-223-3117 or .

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