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School Newsletter: February 8, 2024

Let Your Light Shine


“In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven.” Matthew 5:16


It is a dreary afternoon as I write this devotion. Sometimes, the weather can make us feel the same way inside. I encourage you to let your light shine in all of your daily tasks and activities. Let the people you come in contact with see the love of Jesus shine through your words and actions. It’s a light given to you by Christ! Because we are the redeemed children of God, we have the blessing of letting the light shine in everything we do.


As sinners, we grow self-centered and want to be inward focused. That can be very dark. We strive to look out only for ourselves. Jesus went to the cross to redeem us from our sins and make us outward and upward focused. The washing of rebirth and renewal each day makes us focus not on ourselves, but on the people God has put in our lives. The light we receive is the light we give. In the washing of rebirth and renewal given in Baptism we daily die to self and live in Christ for God and neighbor.

The One who has saved us gets the glory. Who are those neighbors we live to serve? Is it the preschooler who needs their shoes tied? Is it the middle schooler who needs someone to listen? Maybe it is a retired church member who needs a friend to smile at them and offer five or ten minutes for conversation.


Because we are dearly loved children of God, let others see our good deeds and praise God for our love of Jesus…give all glory to God!


Focus on the Word. Be mindful of your Wellness. Witness to those around you. May God be your light as you shine the light! Find strength and comfort each day.


Serving the Master Teacher,

Lois Stewart

Mission Facilitator for Schools

Save the Date - "Hustle with Heart"

It might be early, but planning begins. Save the date for the August Back-to-School Worship and Keynote. On Wednesday, August 7, 2024, we will meet at St. Peter in Schaumburg for our gathering. This is a great opportunity to worship, reconnect, and be inspired as the new school year begins. Our speaker will be Dr. Bernard Bull. He serves as the president of Concordia University Nebraska and will energize us with his keynote titled, “Hustle with Heart."

Save the Date - 2024 NID Educators' Conference

The 2024 NID Educators’ Conference will be held at Concordia University Chicago on Friday, October 18, 2024. Watch for details in the future.

2024-2025 LCMS Theme

Announcing the theme for Lutheran Schools Week 2024-2025: ENDURE based on Hebrews 12:1-3. 


Concordia University Chicago has developed a new process for receiving continuing education credits if your school does staff development/professional development. Please access Professional Development - College of Education: Office of Field Experience - LibGuides at Concordia University Chicago ( to request forms. You may also email Katie Pece at

The Black Intellectual Tradition

You are invited to join us on the campus of Concordia University Chicago as we host two special events on February 15, 2024, in honor of Black History Month.

In the afternoon, we welcome authors Anika Prather and Angel Parham for an interactive workshop. In the evening, we are blessed to have the Ruth Naomi Floyd Jazz Ensemble perform original pieces that incorporate the works of Frederick Douglass.

Please see the attached flyer for more information and use the link below to register for one or both events.  

See the Flyer

School Support

It is a blessing to work with schools and other ministries of the NID. God has called us into service together as we share Jesus with others. One way in which schools are able to help extra services to continue is to support the School Support Fund of the NID. Contributions to this fund help us to do the "extras" that help keep schools strong. Please see the attached request form. We ask that schools prayerfully considering donating $1.00 per student in their school to assist us in service.

School Support Fund

Early Childhood, Elementary and High School Administrators

Early Childhood Educators have a great year of events planned (both in person and on Zoom). All Early Childhood Education should have received an email with registration information for our in-person event on Saturday, Feburary 10, 2024 at Immanuel Lutheran in Palatine. The theme of this event is "Connected to Child Development." The following topics will be presented:

  1. Best Practices in Curriculum
  2. Process Art
  3. Language Arts
  4. Math
  5. Science/STEM

We encourage all directors and teachers to engage for learning, fellowship, and focus on the Word of God. Please download the below flyer and keep it so you are able to watch for details.

Download Flyer

All elementary and high school administrators are strongly encouraged to attend their scheduled regional meetings. Some regions meet first thing in the morning and others at lunch time. Your regional leads are dedicated to providing a strong agenda of discussion items for you. Please dedicate this time on your calendar for Bible study, nourishment, and great discussion.

Plan ahead for the Winter Administrator Conference at CUC. The date is Monday, February 26. Our topic for this gathering is "Maintaining Lutheran Identity in Your School." Our presenters will be Rev. Dr. Chad Kendall (Concordia University Chicago Assistant Vice President for Mission and Identity) and Mr. Joel Landskroener (Mayer Lutheran High School in Mayer, MN Executive Director). Please print the attached parking pass and display it in your front window. 

Information, Registration, and Payment
Parking Pass
TEC21 February Update

TEC21 Information

If you have a teacher in your school that has not attended the TEC21 training cohort, now would be a great time to have them connect.

Hearts for Jesus

The "Hearts for Jesus" focus this school year will be the expansion of the feeding program into the community of Georgetown. The students in the school will get well prepared meals each day. Prayerfully consider what your part will be in blessing this work in Belize. These pictures were taken recently under Miss Nikisha’s home. She has graciously opened up her home to feed the children every day. The beauty behind this is to save on cost of the take away containers and also trash in the country. The students now stay and eat before returning back to school. What a blessing Miss Nikisha is to the students.

Donate to Hearts for Jesus
Learn more

Illinois Coalition for Nonpublic Schools

The Illinois Coalition for Nonpublic Schools supports our schools in Springfield by having lobbyists representing our Christian beliefs as they are related to items that are being considered for new laws. I forward monthly news items and urgent information that is sent my way. Please be encouraged to visit and consider joining the coalition as a school member. Please see the application below.

Download Application

LCMS School Theme for 2023-2024

The theme for the 2023-2024 school year is based on John 15:1-5.

Information on Chapel Talks and Lutheran Schools Week
Filled with living hope in Christ,

Confessing, Praising,

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