NIEA Unveils New Extensive Publication on Native Education
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June 22, 2016                                                                                    

Washington, D.C.-  The National Indian Education Association (NIEA) has released the first comprehensive publication on Native education. The work is entitled "Native Nations and American Schools: The History of Natives in The American Education System" is a basic overview of the history and current state of Native education. The book begins with the Boarding School Era and highlights major acts of legislation that have impacted and shaped the relationship between Native nations and the American education system. 
While the document is not exhaustive, it provides basic information often needed when discussing the current state of Native education to policymakers, funders, and advocates alike. 
The publication provides:
  • An Essential Understanding of Native Education
  • Promising Practices in Native Education
  • Key Native Education Legislation and Executive Orders
  • Current State of Native Education
  • Resources
NIEA Executive Director Ahniwake Rose said of the publication, "We are so proud to have a document that tells the history of Native education in our own terms. To understand the current state of Native education, you must also understand the history behind it, we hope that those who read are able to learn and become stronger advocates. The book was a labor of love- emotional in every way imaginable. From recounting the trauma of Boarding Schools, to sharing the innovative and  resilient  practices of today, we are proud to have and share this document." 

The publication is being hosted on the newly redesigned NIEA website- which features new resources and information in a bid to increase organizational transparency and improve access to the vast array of NIEA resources. NIEA President Patricia Whitefoot said, "We hope that the changes to our website and the new publication allows NIEA to continue to be a national leader in the discussion of Native education. Our work is dedicated to providing for the needs of the Native community and I believe we can continue to improve. This is the first of many steps to ensure our membership is provided with the information and resources needed to continue working to ensure the future of Native students." 

The publication is available for free on the NIEA website and has been made downloadable for education purposes. Professionally printed copies are available for purchase for $12. 

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