NIEA Statement: Esther Martinez Native Languages Programs Reauthorization Act
January 30, 2019                                                                      Contact: 

Washington, DC  The National Indian Education Association (NIEA)'s President, Robin Butterfield issued the following statement on the introduction of the Esther Martinez Native Languages Programs Reauthorization Act:

"Preserving and promoting Native language is crucial to the advancement of Native education. By introducing and supporting this important program, Congress will ensure every Native student can thrive socially and academically because they are taught their own language. NIEA encourages quick action on this legislation so that Native language can be carefully safeguardedand imparted to our Native children and youth.

NIEA especially thanks Senator Udall and Representative Lujan for their leadership on the Esther Martinez Native Languages Programs Reauthorization Act and we look forward to working together to generate bipartisan support in Congress. Our longstanding commitment to Native language preservation and revitalization for thriving students and communities will guide our efforts to help pass this important legislation in the 116th Congress."
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