The NIH Collaboratory is partnering with AcademyHealth to offer a full-day pre-conference seminar on Saturday, June 1 at the 2019 Annual Research Meeting in Washington, D.C. The seminar, titled " Essentials of Embedded Pragmatic Clinical Trials," will feature a variety of speakers such as NIH staff and senior investigators from the Collaboratory Demonstration Projects and Coordinating Center.
Public Workshop May 2 on the Design and Analysis of Embedded Pragmatic Clinical Trials (ePCT) : The NIH Collaboratory is hosting a one-day workshop on the design and analysis of ePCTs on the NIH Campus in Bethesda, Maryland. The workshop will also be videocast live online. It will include a series of moderated discussions on topics specific to ePCTs and will use case examples from the Collaboratory and beyond.
TiME Trial Publishes Its Primary Results : The primary results of the Time to Reduce Mortality in End-Stage Renal Disease (TiME) trial, an NIH Collaboratory Demonstration Project, were published online this month in the  Journal of the American Society of Nephrology . The study confirmed the feasibility of embedding a large pragmatic clinical trial in clinical care delivery, including rapid enrollment in a large multicenter study with no on-site research personnel, and complete reliance on data acquired from electronic health and administrative records.  
New Commentary Highlights Value of Pragmatic Trials for Learning Health Systems : Leah Tuzzio and Eric Larson, MD, of the NIH Collaborator y Health Care Systems Interactions Core discuss the value and impact of embedded pragmatic clinical trials for learning health systems in a commentary published in eGEMs this month .
Trial Spotlight
Improving Chronic Disease Management with Pieces (ICD-Pieces™): ICD-PIECES, a Collaboratory Demonstration Proj ect, aims to help primary care physicians treat patients with coexisting chronic kidney d isease, diabetes, and hypertension through a novel technology platform (Pieces) to enable the use of electronic health record data. In a recent NIH Collaboratory Grand Rounds discussion, Principal Investigator Miguel Vazquez, MD, and George (Holt) Oliver, MD, PhD, highlighted lessons learned throughout the trial. Watch the Grand Rounds recording and read more about ICD-Pieces.
Grand Rounds Roundup
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Featured in the Living Textbook
Because individual-level randomization often raises practical implementation challenges and outcomes within clusters tend to be correlated, cluster randomized designs are often used for pragmatic clinical trials (PCTs). In Alternative Cluster Randomized Designs , a new section of the Living Textbook, we compare single versus individual-level randomized trials and describe alternative design choices for cluster-with-crossover randomized trials and their implications for statistical power and sample size calculations. Learn more in the Analysis Plan chapter of the Living Textbook .