Missing Data and Intention-to-Treat Analyses, a new section of the Living Textbook, addresses challenges associated with missing data due to noncompliance, crossover, and dropout. The section also includes a white paper from the NIH Collaboratory's Biostatistics and Study Design Core, which provides a detailed discussion of treatment effects in intention-to-treat analyses.
DRN Study Finds Uneven Declines in Potentially Inappropriate Pediatric Antibiotic Dispensing : The NIH Collaboratory Distributed Research Network (DRN) conducted the study using national claims data for more than 73 million pediatric visits. The findings, published in Pharmacology Research & Perspectives , suggest a need for antibiotic stewardship programs.
NIH Releases Request for Information on Education Curricula Addressing Pain and Opioid Misuse and Use Disorder: The NIH released a request for information regarding the Centers of Excellence in Pain Education, general pain education, and curricula for addressing opioid misuse or use disorder. Healthcare professionals, teaching faculty, students, professional associations, accrediting organizations, and others are invited to respond by September 1.
Core Spotlight
Ethics and Regulatory Core: Members of the NIH Collaboratory Coordinating Center caught up with Judith Carrithers, coleader of the Ethics and Regulatory Core at the May 2019 Steering Committee Meeting. In this interview, Carrithers gives insight into the Core's challenges and progress over the past year. The Ethics and Regulatory Core is responsible for developing a framework for conducting ePCTs in an ethical manner and in compliance with federal and state regulations.  
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