In a new perspective published in Clinical Trials , NIH Collaboratory investigators describe the unique challenges researchers face when clinical practice guidelines and policies change during the conduct of a pragmatic clinical trial. Based on their experiences in the NIH Collaboratory, the authors provide recommendations and strategies for overcoming various challenges, such as protecting the well-being of patients; involving stakeholders, health system leaders, and the entity charged with data and safety monitoring; and actively monitoring changes and site-level responses to them.
NIH Announces 3 New Funding Opportunities in Dissemination and Implementation of Evidence-Based Interventions : The NIH published 3 new funding opportunity announcements to support innovative approaches to the implementation of evidence-based interventions and the de-implementation of ineffective interventions. The announcement also encourages studies that advance dissemination and implementation research methods.
JGIM Issues Call for Papers on Implementation Science and Quality Improvement : The  Journal of General Internal Medicine  (JGIM) announced a call for papers that report findings from research that advance q uality improvement and i mplementation science . The papers should focus on providing information that healthcare delivery systems need about strategies to improve patient and population outcomes. Submissions are due September 3, 2019.
NIH Collaboratory Principal Investigator Receives National Award: Greg Simon, principal investigator of the Suicide Prevention Outreach Tria l (SPOT), received the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's Research Award for his contributions to suicide prevention. Through SPOT, Simon and his team explore different modes of outreach (care management or online skills training versus usual care) to prevent suicide for high-risk patients. Simon and his colleagues are also studying how machine-learning models can be used to predict risk of suicide.
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A Policy-Relevant U.S. Trauma Care System Pragmatic Trial for PTSD and Comorbidity (Trauma Survivors Outcomes and Support [TSOS]): Each year more than 30 million Americans seek trea tment for physical injuries. Multiple long-term conditions, including posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), alcohol and drug use problems, depression, suicidal ideation, pain and somatic symptoms, and preexisting long-term medical conditions are endemic among survivors of physical trauma. TSOS, an NIH Collaboratory Demonstration Project, is testing the delivery of high-quality screening and intervention for PTSD and comorbid conditions across 24 US level I trauma care systems. Learn more about TSOS .
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Lay audiences, including patients, caregivers, and others who are not experts in clinical research, often do not have access to clinical journals. Therefore, it is important to make information easily accessible by disseminating results through various channels. Learn more about sharing results with patients in the Dissemination to Patients section of the Living Textbook .