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We’ve ranked as the top public recipient for the 15th consecutive year. See how our schools ranked »

It wasn’t until December 2020 that federal health officials declared “long COVID” real and worthy of being taken seriously.

UCSF drug safety experts explain what is the same and what’s different in off-brand medications.

Experience Parnassus: UCSF is inviting members of the community to “Experience Parnassus” to see how plans are taking shape as the University embarks on a 30-year vision to re-imagine the historic campus at an exhibit during March at the Faculty Alumni House. Reserve a spot for the exhibit » 

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program: The University of California is a qualified employer for the federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. Created for those in public service jobs, it offers the opportunity to have their federal loan balances forgiven after 120 qualifying monthly payments. Learn more »  

Shuttle Service Changes: Transportation services is making changes to the shuttle service, including relocating a stop at Parnassus Avenue and modifying the schedules of lines. Keep up to date on the changes » 

Join a Vanpool: Share a ride to work and save on your commute by joining UCSF’s newly improved vanpool program. Learn how it works » 

Programs to Help Get Outside: UCSF’s programs offer opportunities to kayak, hike, camp and get outdoors with other activities. Read about the programs »
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Wellness Corner
Nature can help protect your wellbeing during a pandemic. Make plans to spend time in nature in the upcoming days. Take a walk, enjoy the views, go hiking — find your favorite way to enjoy nature's benefits. Find out four ways nature protects your wellbeing and find other wellbeing resources at .
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Winter 2022 Edition
Vol. 10, No. 2

Physicians and students in UCSF’s Human Rights Collaborative clinic tell the stories behind the scars of asylum-seekers, helping them secure new lives in the U.S. PLUS: An all-hands-on-deck research effort to understand long COVID; sexual health tips from UCSF experts; and how neuroscientists harnessed the power of AI to give a paralyzed man back his voice.