NIHB Announces Tribal Awards for Climate and Health Communication
A Climate Ready Tribes Project
April 19-24, 2020 is Earth Week! The National Indian Health Board celebrates this annual occasion by inviting you to learn more about the connection between climate change and health by visiting the Climate Ready Tribes webpage !

WASHINGTON, DC--The National Indian Health Board (NIHB) is continuing its work to support Tribes in their efforts to combat the ill effects of the changing environment and climate. Specifically, NIHB is mobilizing Tribal communities to address the health consequences of climate change through its Climate Ready Tribes (CRT) initiative, with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The overall goal of this work is to build Tribal capacity related to Tribal climate health - by increasing Tribes' knowledge and awareness of climate change, by increasing Tribes' ability to recognize threats, and by providing support for Tribes to take action.

As part of the CRT initiative, NIHB has selected three Tribes to receive support to develop climate and environmental health communication materials. The three Tribes are:

  • Seneca Nation of Indians
  • Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska
  • Greenville Rancheria

Each of these awardees will develop education and communications materials reflecting cultural values and raising awareness of climate health in a culturally appropriate way.

The National Indian Health Board strives to elevate the conversation around the interdependence of Tribal communities and environmental health in the face of climate change, and is committed to assisting Tribes in their forward-thinking, capacity building efforts to protect their health and promote community well-being for generations to come.
If you're looking for more information on how climate and health are linked in Indian Country, NIHB hosts a Climate and Health Learning Community which offers resources and activities for learning, networking, and sharing information on Tribal climate health topics. If you are not yet a member, you can sign up for the Climate and Health Learning Community.

Additional information on the Climate Ready Tribes project can be found on the NIHB website climate pages.

Would you like your Tribe's climate work to be highlighted to a national audience? Email [email protected]. NIHB loves spotlighting Tribal champions!
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