March  2019
Part 1

The Reminder:  
As of January 1st, 2019, BCBSND Health Club Credit program will be a 9-month point-based program only. January-September workouts will be rewarded as points only, not reimbursements. BCBSND will no longer be offering a $20 monthly reimbursement program - instead, eligible BCBSND members will receive points  for working out 12 times a month at your facility.  Members still need to workout at your club and you need to still submit for those members, in order for those members to get their points.

Customer Service Quote of the Month:  

" Serving others is the meaning of why we are alive, not what we do when it is  convenient."        ~ John R. DiJulius III"
Part 2

ID #'s Automatically Updated:  
Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota members have new Identification (ID) numbers. So in order to make things easier for you, the facility, NIHCA has taken the liberty of doing an AUTOMATIC update of all your BCBSND member ID #'s. This means that in the NIHCArewards system, we updated all the BCBSND ID #'s with the new number. All BCBSND ID #'s are all numeric and no longer have an "alpha" prefix in front of the ID #.  
There is no action needed.
   NIHCA just wanted to inform you, that as of last week, all the BCBSND member's ID # have already been updated in the NIHCArewards system. If in the future, a member has a new ID # or a change in their policy, please update that information in the NIHCArewards system.
NIHCA Spotlight Contest:
What kinds of creative programming are you doing to scratch the deep winter / early spring itch?

The next Spotlight  Contest is due March 15.  
Please send us your pic/video/promotion for the contest by 5:00pmCST March 15th to be entered into the contest. We will announce the winner in the newsletter in April!
If you have questions, please contact
or call NIHCA at 320.722.0084 and ask for Emily.          Good Luck Contestants!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019
NIHCA Conference and Exhibit Show 
Monticello Community Center, Monticello, MN

This year is going to be jam-packed full of presentation and exercise sessions for you and the whole staff to take advantage of.
  The night before will be an Evening Mixer, where you will have an opportunity to meet our vendors, build some club relationships while having some fun-food and beer at a local brewery reserved just for NIHCA!  
Save the date and start talking to staff.  The details will be coming out in March.
NIHCArewards Reminders 

Did you know ... you should view your Reimbursement History Report each month?  Oh yes!  At the end of each month, we strongly suggest that you view and print your Reimbursement History Report.  Why you ask?  So that you know who wasn't reimbursed and why.  And if there are members that weren't reimbursed, it is you/the club's responsibility to look for the error, edit the information (contact the member if necessary) and resubmit the following month.  This will be a very useful report for you, rather than having upset members later.

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