NIHCA NEWS: September 2022
I know we’ve all heard it, “Where did summer go”

Valid question, but let’s face it – life IS REALLY busy. But let’s look at this coming fall with different colored lenses. Now, more than ever, people know they need to get healthy and stay healthier than they ever have been so we can survive crazy pandemics, like the one we just got through. And that means, you, the fitness facility has an opportunity to market to your prospective clientele a little differently. Start a referral program, start a first time joiners month or period, start a Get off the Couch campaign… get re-motivated so that you can motivate others to buy a membership at your center. 

NIHCA has compiled a massive 70 point Programming list that gives you ideas and examples of programming you can implement at your center to help make you more money PLUS to help engage some new and existing members. But you must do the work; it takes a little elbow grease. Once you get more people engaged in your centers, you will find more eligible and interested insurance reimbursement folks who could be getting paid to workout! Are we asking? Are we telling our members and promoting to our non-members about these $20 p/mo reimbursement programs?

Let NIHCA help you dive into this 60 point programming list to help your fitness business thrive.  Email me to get the list.  

~ Holly Johnson, NIHCA Executive Director
Wouldn't it be great to win $100 from NIHCA?

The NIHCA Spotlight offers a chance to win $100 for your club and an opportunity to cast some “Spotlight” on your amazing facility, your awesome staff and your dedicated members!

$100 SEPTEMBER Spotlight Contest:
Have you seen our Newsletter section, “Can’t Make This Up”? Every now and again we hear a great story from one of our NIHCA Clubs about the antics happening with their members. We have heard about a member deciding to help his club by attaching a dish rack to the elliptical machine so he had a place to put his items. We don’t want to give away all the good ones.

Share with us your greatest (keep it PG!) "Can’t Make This Up" story for a chance to win a $100 check from NIHCA.

$100 will be awarded to the NIHCA club with the best response.
Send in your video or pictures along with your story to:

We will announce the winner in the upcoming newsletter, blog, Facebook and Instagram, while promoting your amazing facility! Please get your entry into us by September 15!

If you have questions, please contact or call NIHCA at 320.722.0084 and ask for Erica.
Fall Networking Workshop
Wednesday, Oct 25

Everyone is welcome to the NIHCA Networking event at the beautiful, massive, impressive Rochester Athletic Center at the end of October.

We will tour the entire facility - then meet in small groups to network and talk about what’s working well (and what’s not) at our clubs. Take the time and leave to learn; gather good advice, troubleshoot tips and find fresh ideas that will work at your club. Bring a front desk person, custodian or programmer with you too; we will break into groups.

Bring a little money to cover a light lunch that will be catered in.
 $500 NIHCA Scholarship

Tell your kid, tell your neighbor, tell a family member… NIHCA gives away a $500 scholarship to a student that is majoring in our related field(s). 

Please forward this application onto whomever you’d like. Applications are due 12/2/2022.  Application here
October Webinar
WEDNESDAY, October 12
10 - 11 am CST

Energy Sells

presented by Kristen Brown

When it comes to selling success, YOU are a total health industry rockstar who has navigated so much as the new realities of work and life have created massive change and challenge.

But guess what…if you don’t stay charged up and passionately commit to making success happen even amidst all the change it WILL mess with your club sales, kill your influence and impact your employees, and tank your bottom line.

During this session you will assess and activate your seven Sales Success Energy Centers so you can engage more powerfully with the tasks and people you work with every day. Then you will learn fast action steps to uplevel your energy when you need it most, step into your full potential as a sales rockstar, and have a ton of fun in the process.

Learning Objectives:
  • ASSESS your seven Sales Success Energy Centers to better understand your influence and impact.
  • LEARN how to activate your Sales Success Energy Centers to improve sales relationships and drive the bottom line.
  • TAKE ACTION on your Sales Energy Centers right then and there during the session and leave with Powershots that keep the momentum going when you get back to work


It’s soon fall; fall is super busy (thank goodness, right?). So please do NIHCA a favor, CLEAN UP YOUR MEMBER RECORDS!! What we mean is, if someone has cancelled – CANCEL THEM in NIHCArewards. That way your submitting will get easier!
    Customer Service Quote of the Month:

“Human Experiences are at the heart of your brand."
~ Howard Schultz
The NIHCA office will be closed MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 2022
in observance of Labor Day
Fun Facts: Labor Day has been celebrated since 1882. It has been recognized as a national holiday since 1894.
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