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Even After the Election Is Over, There's Work To Do

Even after the election is over, the impact will still be felt as we seek to heal the hurt so many groups of people felt with the plethora of hateful rhetoric and increased bigoted actions. Check out Perspectives on a Diverse America with a massive literacy-based curriculum that marries anti-bias social justice content with the rigor of the Common Core State Standards.

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A year ago, we decided it was time to respond to the many requests for a detailed overview of the NIOS model. We have been gathering best practices that we have shared in our films for over a decade. We also continually get ideas from so many of you. We decided to put everything into a comprehensive program with detailed information and resources for a process to transform a school - into one that is safe, accepting and inclusive. We are thrilled to tell you it's here: 
Drawing from decades of experience working with schools across the US, the Program is a comprehensive approach to creating identity safe environments where students of all backgrounds and identities feel accepted and valued.

The NIOS Program Guide includes plans to assess and improve school climate at the middle and high school levels. It provides a wealth of information including research, statistics, and best practices for addressing bullying, intolerance, implicit bias, stereotype threat, identity safety, and trauma-informed practice. The tools in this guide are designed to help transform campuses into places where students of all backgrounds and identities feel valued and appreciated. You can find our more and purchase the program below.  

Becki Cohn-Vargas
Director, Not In Our School

Be the First On Your Block to Get the Identity Safe and Inclusive Schools Program!  

Download the entire Identity Safe and Inclusive School Program for $199.

Includes: 27 program tools, eight Training PowerPoints and 13 short films, license to share school-wide, and a free one hour SKYPE training on program implementation.

 T he Main Program Guide with campus research on bullying, intolerance, identity safety, and school climate, staff and student surveys,, and planning tools to support school-wide change towards inclusivity.   Ideas for working with staff and parents and getting the whole community involved with 27 writeable forms.

●  NIOS Staff and Parent Professional Development Guide with staff and parent workshop agendas and 8 PowerPoints on identity safety, implicit bias, and addressing bullying and intolerance.

●  NIOS Classroom Lessons Guide with lesson plans on equity, bullying, and intolerance, and how to be an upstander and a set of 13 films.

●  NIOS Student-led Campaign Guide with ­­step-by-step campaign instructions for your for student-led action.
With every purchase, you get a free one hour SKYPE training on program implementation and a license to share materials across the school.

For more information and to pre-order, visit or contact

NIOS Bullying Prevention Online Film Festival

The NIOS Bullying Prevention Month Online Film Festival was a great success. In the past four weeks we have seen many great films that have started even more great conversations! Daily films had over 20,000 views! To access all 31 films,  visit the  film festival grounds here   or follow the  NIOS Facebook page .

Thank you to our film festival partners!

NIOS would like to extend a very heartfelt thank you to our official partners who have taken a fearless stand against bullying and helped share our film festival: