Happy Hanukkah! 

On this holiday we are reminded of how one flame of hope becomes many. When we stand together to uphold the goodness in one another, when we protect one another's basic rights to safety and freedom from violence, we make the light stronger.

Not In Our Town is a national network of towns that stand together to build safe, inclusive and resilient communities for all.

Read on for solidarity tips and stories of how NIOT communities are standing against hate.

How to be an ally with Native Americans
Across the country, Native Americans face racism, stereotypes, and erasure of their culture and heritage. Native American stereotypes continue to persist in politics, media, and sports. So how can we stand with Native Americans in our communities?
Check out this blog  for some great places to start. 
NIOT Princeton  planted their banner next to hate fliers aimed at the group's work for racial justice. 
NIOT Princeton stands firm after hate fliers on campus target them personally  
On December 4, racist and anti-Semitic fliers targeting the local Not In Our Town group popped up on the Princeton University Campus. The fliers single out one of the NIOT leaders by name and attack the NIOT Princeton group for their efforts to address racism and white privilege.   Read more  and show your support! 

HIghlighting Community Action in 2017 
Not In Our Town focuses on positive action to counter hate and giving people the tools, guidance, stories and a framework for taking on bigotry, building equity and creating a culture of inclusion.  

As this year draws to a close, we  want to take a moment to express our gratitude to all that makes NIOT possible, and to all the supporters who continue to nurture this necessary work, especially at this critical time in our country. 

Most especially, we are grateful to the communities we work with who have been PRACTICING anti-hate action and to our funders and supporters who make it possible for NIOT to reach hundreds of communities and schools.  We'll continue these messages until the end of the year. To see some of the powerful actions by local communities on the front page of  NIOT.org


We're pleased to announce that we've hit the halfway mark for our goal of raising $35,000. 

If you haven't given yet, we need your support to reach our goal.

T hank you so much !!!

Questions, concerns, or ideas? Email  info@niot.org .