We know that you are outraged and shaken by the dangerous upsurge of hate groups, and the support being given to them by the President. Our towns need to be ready to stop them, and we can't let anger and fear overcome us. We are so much more powerful than those who hate. We will overcome them and become stronger if we use this moment to make a long term commitment to stop hate together.

Please share the post below  about what we've learned from you so far  with your communities and spread the quick action steps that can help bring more people into the NIOT movement. Please get in touch if you'd like to participate in a series of calls.

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Challenge of Our Lifetimes: Charlottesville and the Stand Against Hate 
by Patrice O'Neill

We will remember these days for the rest of our lives. What will we tell our children and grandchildren about how we faced escalating hate and violence? What matters most is what we do in the long run.  Full story>

Response to Charlottesville: Five Quick Actions

Preventing hate violence and addressing racism and bigotry requires a long term commitment. But you can share this and start with simple actions. 

Welcoming NIOT Network Manager Radhika Jit

Radhika is new the Digital Campaign and Network Manager at Not In Our Town. Prior to working at the Working Group, she spent several years as a journalist and developing global narratives for international development non-profit The Asia Foundation. She is thrilled to bring her expertise to NIOT in this community organizing role. 

Donate to NIOT

If you can give money, organize giving circles, please  donate now. We urgently need funds to do more. You can face fear. Find courage and stop hate together.  People like you will make it possible to stop hate. Keep On. 

Questions, concerns, or ideas? Email  info@niot.org .