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In this edition of the NIOT ENews, we take time to celebrate a hero to young people, examine the power of words as we approach the dialogue on immigration, and share highlights of events. We're screening NIOT films in Marin County on February 13 and Bend, Oregon on March 5.

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Lee Clements in 2006, overlooking one of his favorite spots. (Photo credit: Barbara Williams)
Tribute to a NIOT Hero: Lee Clements
Perhaps one of the most heroic actions any of us can perform is to transform adversity into opportunity, especially when that act of alchemy ripples far beyond our own personal story. NIOT community leader and educator Barbara Williams joins Lila Galindo in remembering Lee Clements. 

One night while visiting friends in San Diego, Lee was brutally gay bashed while walking on the cliffs above the beach. He was beaten with what police suspected were tire irons, thrown off the cliffs onto the rocks below, and left to die. By a huge stroke of luck, he was found alive the next morning by some joggers. 
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The lexicon of (im)migration

Why Words Matter: Re-Imagining Migration's Adam Strom
explores the power of language in the immigration debate and how it affects young people

"One of the challenges we face is that there is too little civil discussion so people echo what they hear or what they know. It is important that we find ways to listen, and when necessary, challenge or disagree,  but to do so in ways that are constructive." Adam Strom

This matters - especially when it comes to young people and how we teach them. 

Making History in Marin County:  200 leaders and residents in Marin take the NIOT Pledge

Responding to an alarming rise in hate and bias incidents, citizens and leaders in Marin County began coming together and organizing their response last year. 

In advance of the February 13 screening of
Light in the Darkness
at College of Marin, the  Marin County Independent Journal ran this full page ad in the Thursday, February 8 edition of the newspaper.

NIOT Party Invitation
NIOT  Local Supporters : Stop Hate / Spread Love 
On Friday, February 2, the board and staff of Not In Our Town gathered with local Bay Area partners and supporters to look at where we've been, where we're going and what's at stake. 


Marin County, CA: 
7:00 p.m. screening on Tues, Feb 13 at College of Marin 

Bend, OR:

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