This summer, cities and towns across the nation stand in solidarity for children and families, as communities face ICE raids and thousands of immigrant children are held in detention centers separated from their parents.  With the anniversary of Charlottesville less than a month away and Unite the Right rallies scheduled across the country, there is much to be concerned about as a nation.   We take a brief pause today to highlight the remarkable work that is happening nationally, as NIOT groups and their allies work to make their cities and towns safer and more inclusive.

In this E-News, NIOT spotlights cities in North Dakota, Iowa and California that are using the NIOT model to address hate and bias.  NIOT also recognizes Newspaper Publisher Mike Schlesinger and Non-Profit Leader Gwendolyn VanSant for their contributions to their respective communities.  

There is much work to be done and as always Not In Our Town is honored to stand with you, united in the face of intolerance and hate.

Sara Brissenden-Smith and Patrice O'Neill

Welcoming America conference: 
Reflections from  
NIOT CEO, Patrice O'Neill

NIOT CEO Patrice O'Neill spoke at the conference and met leaders like these from YMCA International.
300 city and civic leaders, activists, economic development specialists, non profit and faith leaders gathered in Louisville, KY for Welcoming Interactive. As hate and anti
immigrant actions escalate, these leaders are on the front lines to advance immigrant integration and refugee resettlement through policies, ordinances and programs that engage leaders and residents.  Learn more  and get ready for  Welcoming Week in your town Sep 14-23.   

Bay Area Spreads a United Message Against Hate

When members of white supremacist groups 
began a campaign to hold rallies in Berkeley 
and Oakland, California, a group of community leaders came up with a way to make a statement that neo-nazis, their hatred and their ideas were not welcome in the East Bay. For the first episode of our new podcast, Not In Our Town gathered the organizers of the poster project at our office in Downtown Oakland to talk with them about their poster project.   Listen to the podcast here

The most exciting result of this convening is a commitment to a collaborative project:  United Against Hate week.  Look for updates in the next e-news.  In the meantime, get in touch with us to learn more!

Is your region mobilizing for collective action projects?
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NIOT News: California, North Dakota
Novato, CA:
NIOT Novato hosted a screening of Light in the Darkness and community discussion on addressing racism and bias in schools and the larger community.  See a brief clip from the event here.

Leith, North Dakota:
Some of you might remember what happened in Leith, a small town and farming community of a few dozen residents in 2013 when white supremacist Craig Cobb moved into town and started buying up land.  The story continues to develop as Leith Mayor Ryan Schock plans to dissolve his town's government to save his town from a group of white supremacists threatening to take over the city council.  Please show your support for Leith residents by sharing this article via social media.

NIOT Notables

VanSant Honored as 2018 Unsung Hero
Congratulations to  Not In Our Town Berkshires leader Gwendolyn VanSant, who was honored as a member of the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women's 2018 class of Unsung Heroines during a State House ceremony!

Meet NIOT Upstander, Mike Schlesinger

For the past 33 years,  Mike Schlesinger served as publisher of the Times Republican newspaper in Marshalltown, Iowa.  Recently retired, Mike shared reflections with NIOT on his experiences in journalism, the importance of community and his work with Not In Our Town.

Learn more about Mike's story here.  

NIOT congratulates Mike on his tremendous contribution to Marshalltown and to the Not In Our Town movement.

Special Thanks to NIOT supporters

Linwood Project Community Chorus  for donating the 
proceeds from their annual Spring performance
to  support  NIOT efforts.  Special thanks to Chorus Director Libby McLaren and NIOT friend Chris Metcalfe.

Craig & MacGregor band for hosting Jammin' To Stop Hate, a benefit in Berkeley in support of Not In Our Town.  Thanks to all the band members and Louella Santobello and Andrea Torrice for organizing the jam.

Can you host a benefit to stop hate for 
Not In Our Town? We need your support!

We love to share stories and profiles from around the country, let us know about all your great work so we can highlight it!

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