Fall Greetings!
First and foremost, we hope that you and yours are safe and healthy. 

With so much happening around the country nearly every day, we are reminded of importance and power of community.  Community ends isolation, hopelessness and during the most trying challenges, connects us to our basic humanity, strength and resilience.

We're grateful for that you're part of the NIOT community.  THANK YOU!

Let us hear from you - your stories of standing up in your community, for community, supports us. 

Take Action During National Bullying Prevention Month
Not In Our School offers tools, guides, and films to create Identity Safe and Inclusive Schools. Please share these with your school and community leaders.  Follow  Not In Our School  f or daily tips all month.
Check out this blog  for actions you can take. 
Human Rights Advocates Share Strategies in Seattle
Not In Our Town Joins Anti Hate Plenary at Meeting of Human Rights Agencies from Across the U.S.  (IAOHRA)

Over two hundred human rights and human relations commissioners and directors gathered to share intelligence and discuss best practices for responding to hate and bias crimes at the 2017 annual meeting of IAOHRA. Read more.

Sounding the call to end the circle of hate
Kugel for the Klan:  A Reflection on Faith and Standing Up to Hate

At the beginning of the Jewish New Year, NIOT Advisor Rabbi Sydney Mintz shares these reflections on the dangers of our time and the power of faith to guide our actions to stop hate. Why did Rabbi Mintz suggest Kugel for the Klan? Read the blog


Hands Together Support

We're pleased to announce support from the Helping People Get Along Better Fund of the  Einhorn Family Charitable Trust  for regional community engagement. 

Thank you to all who support NIOT through your donations and your introductions to potential funders. 

Thank you for your continuing donations. 

We can build safe, inclusive communities for all. We need your support to Stop Hate Together. 

Questions, concerns, or ideas? Email  info@niot.org .