Calendar of Events
1/1: School Closed, Happy New Year!
1/8: Turtle Dance Music (Children Only)
1/15: School Closed, Martin Luther King Day
1/20, 1-4 PM: Respite, Registration Required
1/24 & 1/25: Transportation Special Event
1/29, 10 AM & 6:30 PM: Parent Workshop
"Transitioning to Kindergarten"

2/5 - 2/9: Scholastic Book Fair
2/9: Parent-Teacher Conferences
2/19 - 2/23: Mid-Winter Recess
3/15 & 3/16: Spring Picture Days
6/18: NIS Golf Outing, St. George's

The playground is open daily unless deemed unsafe. We ask that you please dress your child appropriately for the weather, anticipating he/she will go outside every day . During the colder months, please make sure there is a hat and gloves in your child's backpack. We recommend that you send your child in wearing sneakers daily as they are the safest shoe for running. However, if it is snowing, an additional pair of sneakers or boots is recommended so your child has a dry pair of shoes when coming inside.
It's Snowing!  Is School Delayed/Closed?   
Please be advised that NIS will close or modify school hours when a determination has been made that the children and/or staff cannot be transported in a safe and timely manner due to weather conditions in our area. We make this decision with input from local school districts and the bus company.  

Brace yourself. We are about to talk about pouches. You know, those little packets of convenience, filled with all sorts of fruits and vegetables, sometimes with a little chia or quinoa mixed in. Parents love them, kids push up the puree and suck it right down in a flash, and speech-language pathologists get all in a fluster about them.  Click the link to read more... 

The New Interdisciplinary School is an innovative early childhood learning center that respects the unique needs of children and their families.  Funding is provided by NYS and Suffolk County, however, it is only through the generosity of our donors that we are able to enhance our programs and services to ensure the optimal learning environment for our students.  Please consider donating to NIS by clicking here or sending a check made payable to Friends of NIS and sending it to the address below today.  Thank you!
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