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May 2016 Newsletter       

5/5 & 5/6
Plant Sale
5/10, 8:30 AM
Golf Committee Meeting
Staff Appreciation Day

NIS Developmental Disabilities Awareness Day

Wear Blue & Green 

5/21, 1-4 PM
5/24 & 5/25
Class Plays
5/27 & 5/30
No School - Memorial Day Recess

Make Your Own Play-Doh!
The Occupational Therapy Department would like to thank all our friends who came to enjoy the "OT Awareness Special Event."  Some friends wanted to know the recipe for the Play-Doh used.  
1 C Flour
1/2 C Salt
2 Tbs. Cream of Tartar
2 Tbs. Oil
3/4 C Boiling Water
Mix all the dry ingredients, mis oil into boiling water, pour boiling water into the dry mix and stir.  You may need to add more flour, or oil depending on how moist it is.  Add one teaspoon at a time and remember it will dry more, and be less sticky when it is cooled.  If you want color, add 2-3 drops of food coloring to the water.  Enjoy!!  


With smartphones, tablets, and other personal technology used by a majority of U.S. children today, managing the time spent with-and influence of-this technology can be a challenge for parents. As we head into the summer months, increased leisure time may lead to even greater use of technology. During May Is Better Hearing & Speech Month, I invite you to evaluate your child's technology use and establish (or re-commit to) some healthy limits and habits.


While technology holds positive promise in many areas, it is important to know that it is not a replacement for human communication. The primary way that young children learn is through verbal communication-listening, talking, reading, and interacting with their parents and others. It is also an important part of family connections-for children of all ages. According to a national survey of parents commissioned by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), a majority of parents are concerned that they have fewer conversations with their children than they would like because of technology and/or that technology negatively impacts the quality of conversations with their children. Many children are using technology during prime communication opportunities, such as at the dinner table or while on long car trips.


 Click Here to Learn 10 Tips for Managing Kids' Tech Time!



 We are proud to announce that NIS has designated 


MAY 18th




We ask that you wear  BLUE & GREEN  on  this date , and to educate as many people as you can about developmental disabilities and the related therapeutic and educational services our school provides to children and their families. This is a one day movement which we hope will foster understanding and dispel myths about people with developmental disabilities, as well as spread awareness of our school and its role in benefiting pres
choolers in need of special education and therapeutic services.    

A great way to spread awareness is through social media. Please share our Facebook page with your friends and ask them to 'like' our page and support our school.  You may wish to donate to NIS in recognition of the work we do on behalf of children with developmental disabilities by visiting, making a check payable to Friends of NIS, or enclosing cash in an enclosed envelope clearly marked with your name and address.    

We look forward to celebrating the first NIS DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITY AWARENESS DAY and thank you for taking part in it.  Please contact Susan Cali, Director of Development, for more information at 631-924-5583, ext. 128 or via e-mail at  
Thank You!



430 Sills Road

Yaphank, New York 11980  

 (631) 924-5583 * Fax (631) 924-5687 * 


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Thursday, May 5th
Friday, May 6th
Miss Meghan/Alyssa (AM) 9:05   
Infants 9:05
Miss Brittany (AM) 9:20
Toddlers 9:20
Miss Debbie (AM) 9:35
Miss Darlene 9:35
Miss Kayla (AM) 9:50
Miss Linda A. 9:50
Miss Katrina (AM) 10:05
Miss Jennifer (AM) 10:05
Miss Heidi 10:20
Miss Linda M. 10:20
Miss Karen 10:35
Miss Doreen 10:35
Miss Jessica 10:50
Miss Mary/Jenna 10:50
Miss Darlene 11:05
Miss Donna 11:05
Miss Keeley 11:20
AM Make-Ups 11:20
Miss Angela 12:35
Miss Linda A. (PM) 12:35
Miss Brittany (PM) 12:50  
Miss Debbie (PM) 1:00   
Miss Mary/Jenna (PM) 2:15
Miss Meghan/Alyssa (PM) 1:05
Miss Kayla/Sarah (PM) 1:20
Miss Katrina (PM) 1:35
Please arrange to come during your child's scheduled time or at dismissal on your child's scheduled date to bring the plants home if you placed a large order, as the children will not be able to carry large plants home on the bus. 
Prom for NIS Graduates
$15 per graduate, $30 per accompanying adult

June 8, 2016
5:30 - 8:00 PM

Mediterranean Manor
303 E. Main St. Patchogue

Space is limited.  RSVP today!

June 22nd & June 23rd
Class Schedules to follow in children's backpacks


JULY 11, 2016

Port Jefferson Country Club

Contact Susan Cali, Director of Development, at 924-5583, ext. 128 or via e-mail at for more information. We rely on raffle prizes to make this event a success.  Please consider donating and/or soliciting for gift cards and/or gift baskets.  Click here for a sponsorship/raffle request letter.  We hope to see you there!
The New Interdisciplinary School is an innovative early childhood learning center that respects the unique needs of all children and their families.  O ur commitment is to provide therapeutic and educational services in a nurturing environment with the highest standard of expertise.