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It's 'Astronaut and Goldwater' season! 
Can you help continue Purdue's success?

Imagine having a NASA scientist as your personal mentor, plus t he chance to meet like-minded scholars and researchers you can turn to throughout your academic and professional career. 
  • You'll receive all that and MORE as an Astronaut Scholar! 
  • Goldwater Scholars are highly desired by graduate schools.
Purdue students received not one but two Astronaut Scholarships in 2018.  Caleigh Roleck and Chrishan Fernando were recently honored by the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation at the 2018 Innovators Gala in Washington D.C.  Each received a 2018-19 Astronaut Scholarship by demonstrating outstanding achievement in their pursuit of a STEM major. 

They are taking advantage of what Purdue offers beyond classwork and encourage YOU to do the same. 

Check out the video below to hear what they think of the Astronaut Scholarship program:

My Astronaut Scholar Experience: Caleigh Roleck and Chrishan Fernando

Sophomores or juniors interested in pursuing a Goldwater or Astronaut Scholarship are beginning their applications NOW
About the scholarships:

The  Goldwater Scholarship  supports academically outstanding U.S. undergraduates engaged in STEM research. 

The  Astronaut Scholarship  provides scholarships to the very best and brightest U.S. college students pursuing degrees in STEM majors at select institutions. 
Truman Scholar Mikaela Meyer details her Washington D.C. Summer Institute experience

Purdue senior Mikaela Meyer, the  first Boilermaker to earn the highly competitive federal scholarship, is sharing her thoughts about her time in the nation's capital for the Truman Washington D.C. Summer Institute.

"It is one of (if not) the best benefits offered by Truman," Meyer said. "I wish that I would have known more about Summer Institute when applying for Truman and over the last year leading up to it."

The Truman Scholarship recognizes demonstrated leadership potential and a commitment to public service. 

In addition to providing up to $30,000 in graduate school funding and leadership training, the Truman program includes a summer institute while you intern in Washington D.C.! 

The program is designed to deepen scholars' understanding of the national p olicymaking process and enhance feelings of community. It also includes an 8-week public service internship at a
federal agency, major non-profit, or even the Supreme Court

Meyer worked at the Government Accountability Office. Her primary role involved working with a team to determine whether the statistical methods Homeland Security uses to calculate the number of undocumented immigrants in the country are valid. 

"As part of this project, I was able to go to Homeland Security and a defense analysis think tank to help conduct interviews to prepare our report," Meyer said. 

In her first week in D.C., Meyer:
  • visited the African American History and Culture Smithsonian
  • went to the House floor
  • met with Congressional staffers
  • visited the Pentagon
  • and heard from former Truman Scholars
Other highlights included:
  • A Q&A at the Supreme Court with Justice Neil Gorsuch, a Truman Scholar 
  • One-on-one meetings with representatives and senators
  • A visit to the American Statistical Association and individual meetings with its executive director and science policy director
FAQs about the Truman Scholarship

Who are Truman Scholars?
  • Truman scholars are movers and shakers, agents of change, students who are committed to changing the world and serving the public.
What does "public service" encompass?
  • The Foundation defines public service as government employment at any level, uniformed services, public interest organizations, nongovernmental research and/or education organizations, public and private schools, and public service-oriented nonprofit organizations - in short, those organizations and agencies whose primary purposes are to help needy or disadvantaged persons or to protect the environment. 
What does this program offer?
  • The Truman Foundation awards 60-65 scholarships annually to college juniors who wish to pursue graduate school in preparation for careers in public service.
  • It includes up to $30,000 toward graduate studies, leadership training, and a 10-week Washington, D.C. Summer Institute following graduation.
  • You will have access to some of the most important people in public service and ongoing support/networking opportunities from the foundation and your fellow scholars.
Would I be a good fit?
  • Truman candidates should be able to demonstrate sustained service to their community with their participation in extracurricular activities, volunteer work, internships, etc.
  • You should be able to show how have acted as an effective leader, advocate, and/or activist.
  • Do you have a strong academic record that indicates you are prepared for graduate study? Can you clearly articulate your career plan in public service?
What does the application involve?
  • Online application form
  • Personal Statement
  • Policy Proposal essay
  • Three letters of recommendation, each addressing a particular area:
    • Leadership abilities and potential
    • Commitment and desire for a career in public service
    • Intellect and ability to succeed in graduate school
  • Certified transcript (or transcripts)
Has Purdue had a Truman Scholar before?
  • Yes! In fact, both Indiana Truman Scholars were from Purdue in 2017 and 2018.
  •  Mikaela Meyer (2017) recently wrote to us about her incredible experience at the D.C. Summer Institute. You can hear about the program in her own words above.
Udall Scholarship application and writing workshop 

A conversation with Sabrina Myoda_ 2017 Udall Scholar

Later this month, we are holding an application and writing workshop for our Udall Scholarship applicants.

Udall Scholars are committed to careers related to the environment . There is also a category for Native American and Alaska Native students who plan careers related to tribal public police or health care.

This valuable session will share:
  • application logistics and tips
  • guidance regarding the short essay questions embedded therein, and the Udall essay component.  
We'll also discuss how to craft a clear trajectory (connecting your academics, extra-curricular activities  and leadership experiences). 

Udall Scholars are committed to careers related to the environment, or Native American and Alaska Native students who plan careers related to tribal public police or health care.

Wednesday, Oct. 24
5:30-7:00 pm
HCRS 1054
Monday, Oct. 15
  • Beinecke Scholarship App & Writing Workshop
  • 4:30-6:00 pm/HCRS 1054 
  • RSVP
Wednesday, Oct. 24
  • Udall Scholarship App & Writing Workshop
  • 5:30-7:00 pm/HCRS 1054 
  • RSVP
Wednesday, Nov. 7
  • CV and Resume Workshop
  • 5:30-6:30 pm/HCRS 1054
  • RSVP