NJ Is Sending Your Tax Dollars To Other States
The headline above is the latest example this week from NJ Spotlight about how transparency around Energy Policy seems to be a systemic problem in New Jersey– and this week the issue surrounds plans to allow NJ Taxpayer Dollars to fund projects outside of New Jersey.
As you can see from the image below, which comes from the proposed Energy Master Plan, in order to reach the state's goals we have to buy at least 21% of our energy out of state at higher costs, making us dependent on other states when we are currently independent.
The impact to small businesses can be devastating because at a time when NJ businesses need help the most, their cries fall on deaf ears as state officials are fast tracking plans to send more tax dollars and business out of state. And while the BPU is planning, it appears they are once again doing it outside the light of the public:
So the BPU is again working outside the light of the public eye to ship business and tax dollars out of state, while laughably trying to claim it will actually save ratepayers. If the BPU and New Jersey were so certain about the assumptions and predictions they are proposing to meet their goals, they should share the information so the public can actually see for themself.
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