NJ Is Still Waiting For A Response From The BPU
Over three weeks ago, AENJ testified before the BPU.

During that testimony, AENJ was asked to provide our report and information about anticipated costs for their review that were developed because the BPU has still not been transparent about their own costs estimates.

We won't take personal offense to their lack or response, but we do hope the BPU chooses to finally be responsive to the public at their board meeting this week and release the costs they have been hiding.
Rubber Meets Road
With the ongoing lack of clarity at the state level when it comes to energy policy and costs, we are seeing the issue come to a head at the local level as well. This was a headline the other day:
That's right, we now have one town rejecting another town's energy project. And without any guidance from the state or a larger policy identifying potential actual costs and benefits, this problem will only get worse while energy becomes less affordable.
Transparency Update: Over 638 Days Now
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