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NJASA Members
Melanie Schulz, NJASA Director of Government Relations
September 30, 2016
NJASA Legislative Update

On Thursday, September 29, 2016 the following legislative activity occurred:

A-597 Lagana/Gusciora/Webber
Establishes crimes of operating school bus with suspended or revoked driving privileges and being involved in accident causing bodily injury; permanently prohibits passenger and school bus CDL endorsements for persons convicted of those crimes.
Passed in Assembly

A-2481 Lampitt/Diegnan, Jr./Benson
Requires public school students with concussion to be evaluated by licensed health care professionals before return to school; requires school districts to provide restrictions or limitations to student as needed.
Passed in Assembly

A-3058 Space/Taliaferro/Dancer
Establishes Farm to School Coordinating Council.
Passed in Assembly

A-3060 Andrzejczak/Dancer/Taliaferro
Allows qualified school to be called "New Jersey Farm Fresh School."
Passed in Assembly

A-3061 Andrzejczak/Space/Taliaferro
Permits school participating in NJ "Farm to School" program to submit recipe for posting on Dept. of Agriculture website.
Passed in Assembly

A-4122 Caride/Jasey/Eustace
Eliminates use of standardized assessments as measure of student growth or progress in evaluations of teachers, principals, assistant principals, and vice-principals.
Passed in Assembly

A-4198 Giblin
Requires paraprofessionals employed by educational services commissions to receive by May 15 either contract for employment for next year or written notice that employment will not be offered.
Introduced, Referred to Assembly Education Committee
S-2603 Allen
Requires school districts to notify DOE whenever law enforcement is called to respond to incident occurring at school.
Introduced and referred to Senate Education Committee

S-2604 Allen
Requires school districts to provide information to high school students on cancers of the reproductive system as part of the health curriculum.
Introduced and referred to Senate Education Committee
S-2605 Allen
Requires school facilities projects to maintain character of historic school facilities. 
Introduced and referred to Senate Education Committee