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July 2022 | Issue 3

NJ Citizen Action's 40th Anniversary

In our continued celebration of NJCA's 40th anniversary, take a look back with us to important moments in our early history.

On the left is Alma Hill, voted NJCA Co-Chair in 1984 and a key figure in NJCA's founding, who helped NJCA establish a city-wide coalition in Trenton, starting with a voter registration drive for underserved communities with various NJ faith-based organizations. 

Alma: "I was so impressed that [NJCA] wanted to include the church in the early stages - when they were still planning their issues. We are such a diverse group of people in NJCA. And to have such a diverse group of people who are on the firing line. They really are all active people and participating in their jobs and in their communities. They want to see justice done, for everybody, not just the few.”

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Snapshots From History

NJCA In Action

Op-Ed: The Supreme Court is shaking the death rattle of American democracy

By Adam Tucker, NJCA Communications Manager

"SCOTUS judicial independence is dead, it has been co-opted by far-right ideologues to bend the rules until democracy breaks. Moore [v. Harper] is the next and most extreme step yet – a judicial coup that must be stopped at all costs... 

Without Court reform, Joe Biden will be the last democratically elected president, and Governors who believe in democracy like Phil Murphy must reckon with the reality of an unelected president and corrupted federal government. SCOTUS must be expanded and reformed quickly, or America’s democracy is doomed."

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NJCA statement on SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe v. Wade

Dena Mottola Jaborska, NJCA Executive Director:

"This decision will strip millions of Americans of the freedom to decide for themselves if, when and how to have children and start a family, a freedom that has been the law of the land for almost 50 years... At a time when healthcare, childcare, housing, and other essential services are already unaffordable for many, this will put even more strain on and increase poverty rates for American families.

The Court’s decision also opens the floodgates not only for states to criminalize abortion and other pregnancy care and behavior, but also institute far-reaching bans for other healthcare and privacy matters, from contraception to miscarriage care to fertility treatments and more. In an opinion concurring with the majority decision, Justice Clarence Thomas called for the Supreme Court to re-examine other basic freedoms tied to due process and the right to privacy – access to contraceptives, gay marriage, and privacy in the bedroom between consenting adults. This is a deliberate attempt to impose far-right, anti-freedom government overreach on Americans’ right to live their lives as they see fit."

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NJ Lawmakers Pass Health Insurance Easy Enrollment

"The New Jersey Easy Enrollment Health Insurance Program will allow residents who are uninsured or don’t have adequate insurance to indicate their interest in coverage when they file their tax returns or make a claim for unemployment benefits...

Maura Collinsgru, director of policy and advocacy at New Jersey Citizen Action, called the new Easy Enrollment program 'another example of government working well and doing good for ordinary people.

'Establishing an automatic enrollment system for uninsured tax filers will help close the coverage gap and ensure more New Jerseyans have the coverage they need, especially working families who may not otherwise be aware of their coverage options or have the time to enroll,' Collinsgru said."

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Our Community

NJCA Joins Residents, Vendors, and Other Organizations at Rahway Community Resource Fair

"Saturday's Community Resource Fair, hosted by Ebenezer AME Church and the nonprofit New Jersey Citizen Action, was a great success, bringing together community members, vendors, nonprofits, a host of programs, and a variety of services...

Dozens of people came and went over the course of the three hours at the fair, moving table to table, tent to tent, to check out everything the event had to offer."

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Services Spotlight: Fair Housing

NJCA offers a variety of services and programs centered on Fair Housing, in English and Spanish, for people throughout New Jersey, to ensure everyone knows their rights and advocate on behalf of those whose rights have been violated.

These services include:

  • Counseling and Client Advocacy
  • Fair housing counseling for people who have faced housing discrimination
  • Assistance for people with disabilities with requesting reasonable accommodations or modifications
  • Guidance for filing a housing discrimination complaint and recommendations for navigating the legal process
  • Referrals to social service agencies, government agencies, and attorneys

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