NJCTS and Partner Scientists Make Another 
TS Breakthrough

In a study published in the journal Cell Reports on September 25, scientists identify a new high-confidence Tourette risk gene as well as two probable risk genes. The revelations from this ongoing research - a collaborative effort among NJ Center for Tourette Syndrome (NJCTS), Rutgers University and scientists around the world - will help to unravel causes of Tourette Syndrome (TS) which could help guide effective treatment options. For the past 11 years, NJCTS families have been donating DNA samples to the study in hopes of advancing the cause for treatments and a cure.
In the new study, scientists and clinicians from the United States, Europe and South Korea, report two significant findings: TS is sometimes caused by new and rare damaging mutations in specific genes or through structural mutations, known as copy number variants (CNVs), spanning multiple genes. In addition to "likely" TS risk genes, they found another "high confidence" risk gene called CELSR3.
NJCTS Trained Psychologist Appointed Director of Rutgers Clinic

NJ Center for Tourette Syndrome and Associated Disorders (NJCTS) has announced the appointment of Dr. Graham Hartke, Psy.D as Clinical Director of the Tourette Syndrome Clinic at the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology at Rutgers University (GSAPP).  Dr. Hartke trained at the clinic during his graduate work at Rutgers.

The goal of the TS clinic is to increase awareness and training among psychologists about this often misunderstood neurological disorder. In his position, Dr. Hartke will train doctoral students to work with individuals and families living with TS as part of the NJCTS mission to create a new generation of doctors with expertise in the disorder. This is the only program of its kind in the nation.


Our Youth Advocates have been representing NJCTS at schools all across the state. Their presentations combine a general explanation of TS along with strategies for interacting positively with fellow students with TS or other disorders. They emphasize understanding, empathy and compassion, through a lens of someone who has experienced attending school with TS.

If you would like to have a Youth Advocate speak at your schools, or have an NJCTS representative conduct a faculty in-service, please contact us at info@njcts.org or 908.575.7350.    
Calling All Teens with TS! NJCTS is Preparing for the 2019 Tim Howard Leadership Academy

We are currently accepting applications to the NJCTS Tim Howard Leadership Academy taking place in August of 2019 at Rutgers University.

The Academy is for teens who are currently in high school or who will graduate in 2019. 

More details on this exciting opportunity will be available soon, however, you can begin your application process by filling out the form linked below.

NJCTS Programs Shine During Nationwide Anti-Bullying Month

Every October, schools and organizations across the country observe National Bullying Prevention Month. The goal: encourage schools, communities and organizations to work together to stop bullying and cyberbullying and increase awareness of the prevalence and impact of all forms of bullying on all children of all ages.

During the month, NJCTS reached 115 teachers, school administrators and community service providers during in-services and more than 2,000 students during our youth advocacy presentations across the state.
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