4th annual NJ Walks for TS at Princeton is a Success

Thank you to everyone who joined us for NJ Walks for TS at Princeton! We were lucky to have perfect weather at Mercer County Park and we have a lot of folks to thank for making this walk a success. Thank you to our sponsors, Advanced Dental Arts, CEO Warrior, and Fusion School of Princeton. Also, a very special thank you to The GoodWorks Band for keeping us up and dancing all afternoon! We thank the many Central Jersey legislators who supported our efforts by serving on our honorary committee. Thank you to our amazing volunteers and our photographer Tim Yingling! And as always, we thank the Kowalski family for bringing the walk to Princeton for the 4th year in a row. It's not too late to make a donation to the Walk--proceeds benefit the NJCTS Education Outreach Program. Click here to support NJ Walks for TS and thank you so very much! 
NJCTS Education Outreach Program in Action

The teachers and school staff at Green Hills School in Greendell, NJ, learned more about Tourette Sydrome from the recent Faculty In-service presentation led by NJCTS Education Outreach Coordinator Pat Phillips and NJCTS Youth Development Coordinator Maddie Pucciarello. "It was very effective having someone presenting that has TS," said a teacher in attendance. "It gave us a chance to ask questions and get first hand insight. Excellent presentation." 

NJCTS wants to come to your school! To schedule a presentation, contact Education Outreach Coordinator Pat Phillips at 908-575-7350 or pphillips@njcts.org.
Join Us for the "Best Weekend of the Year"

Register by May 26

Get ready for the 13th annual Family Retreat Weekend taking place June 16 to 18, 2017, at YMCA Camp Bernie in beautiful Hunterdon County. This year, camp will end Sunday morning at 10:00, following breakfast. Come for the camaraderie, a relaxing getaway from the stress of everyday life, meet other TS families, and learn more about Tourette Syndrome and self-advocacy. Register at njcts.org or call us at 908-575-7350.
Connecting with New Jersey School Nurses

NJCTS Program Manager Barbara Chabner recently shared information about our services with school nurses from all across the state at the New Jersey State School Nurses Association  annual meeting. School nurses often alert parents when a child with TS is having trouble in the classroom, and as part of our efforts to train all school staff about TS, NJCTS aims to make sure nurses have the empathy, knowledge, and understanding to help families access the services they need. We look forward to working with more school nurses in all corners of New Jersey.
Click to hear Dr. Gary Heiman discuss the TS genetics project.
Be an Important Part of TS Genetics Research

April 20 & 21 at Rutgers

Would you like to see more people working on a cure for Tourette Syndrome? How about research into the causes of TS? Now is your opportunity to join the NJCTS effort and personally be part of making that happen. For more information and to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Gary Heiman, team leader at the NJCTS Cell & DNA Sharing Repository at Rutgers University, at familystudy@biology.rutgers.edu

NJCTS Youth Scholarship 

Apply by April 21

Each year since 2004, NJCTS has offered the Youth Scholarship to graduating New Jersey high school seniors in public or private school who have been diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and will be attending a college, university, or trade school in the fall after their graduation from high school. 

Winners are selected based upon academic achievement, community involvement, and accomplishments as an individual living with this challenging and complex neurological disorder. The criteria and selection of the winners is at the sole discretion of the NJCTS scholarship committee.

Nominate Your Child's Teacher as Educator of the Year

Nominate by May 5

NJCTS seeks nominations for the 2017 Educator of the Year Award. The award will go to an educator in New Jersey who has made a significant difference in the life of a child with Tourette Syndrome. 

NJAMHAA's Bob Budsock presents Faith Rice with the 2017 Courage and Compassion Award for Outstanding Leadership in Mental Health Services.
Faith Rice Honored with Outstanding Leadership in Mental Health Services Award

The New Jersey Association of Mental Health and Addiction Agencies, Inc. (NJAMHAA) recognized individuals who contribute to the quality of life for children and adults throughout the state. NJAMHAA President and Chief Executive Officer Debra L. Wentz, PhD, and NJAMHAA Board Member Bob Budsock presented the Courage and Compassion Awards to professionals who demonstrate dedication and determination to enhance individuals' lives, as well as leadership that makes them role models for others in the mental health, substance use, and developmental disabilities system.

NJCTS Executive Director Faith W. Rice was honored with the 2017 Outstanding Leadership in Mental Health Services award for her efforts to build a collaborative network of support and services for the Tourette Syndrome community.

"I am so pleased to give Faith Rice the award for Outstanding Leadership in Mental Health Services," said Bob Budsock. "NJCTS has grown in many ways and most notably, established New Jersey as a global leader in Tourette Syndrome research, education, and support."

NJAMHAA created the Courage and Compassion Awards to honor professionals who have made extraordinary contributions to improving the lives of individuals with mental illness, substance use disorders, developmental disabilities, or any combination of these health conditions and to focus public attention on the outstanding work of employees and organizations in the community health system, as well as that of advocates, public officials, and others who make a difference. Other recipients included Assemblyman Gary Schaer and Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle.
Summer internship with NJCTS

NJCTS offers paid internships to college-age youth. Interns will work with staff to assist in preparing Family Retreat Weekend and the Leadership Academy and other administrative tasks. This internship prepares youth for their next step by helping them to develop experience in a supportive, positive environment. Interested applicants should contact NJCTS Program Manager Barbara Chabner at 908-575-7350 or bchabner@njcts.org.
Seeking Coaches for the NJCTS Tim Howard Leadership Academy

Are you interested in being a Coach at the 2017 NJCTS Tim Howard Leadership Academy? Coaches are between 20-30, have a TS diagnosis, and ideally have considerable leadership experience. They must have at least one year of college or work experience to be considered for the position. Coaches are motivated, comfortable taking charge, responsible, outgoing, communicative and energetic. If this sounds like you or someone you know, request an application by contacting admissions@njcts.org. Admittance is competitive; applicants who are being considered for Coach positions will be contacted for an interview. 
Save the date for these upcoming events!

October 1: Save the date for "TS Rocks" - a concert for Tourette

November 2: Childhood Mental Health Symposium at Cooper Hospital in Camden