December 4, 2020

December recognizes National Human Rights Month. This month and every month to follow, everyone in the United States is encouraged to come together and stand up for equality, justice, and the dignity of all humans. December is a time to honor the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, an international document stating the fundamental rights and freedoms to which all human beings are entitled. These rights include freedom from discrimination, the right to equality, and the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty.
DEADLINE: Friday, December 18th

The Network hopes this conference will help to chart a direction for each attendee as well as help the Jewish human service sector continue its efforts to thrive in a virtual world while honoring our Network’s commitment to ensuring diversity, equity, inclusion and racial justice throughout.

This year, NJHSA invites you to share your experiences in response to COVID-19, and are asking you to strongly consider what our sector should do, moving forward, as we continue to navigate the implications of the global pandemic. Learn more here and access the rfps.
NJHSA Partners with Galaxy Digital
Wednesday, December 9th | 11:30am ET | REGISTER

The Network is pleased to announce a new partnership with Get Connected by Galaxy Digital, a volunteer management software company that's created a powerful web-based tool to simplify volunteer management and boost volunteer engagement. Learn how you can Get Connected by Galaxy Digital. You'll discover more about the 15% across the board discount and the 25% discount once there are 20 members using Get Connected! Get Connected offers powerful features including Volunteer App, Hours Tracking, Scheduling, Event Management, Volunteer Check-In, and Groups & Teams. Sign up for a personalized group webinar presented by a volunteer management technology specialist from Galaxy Digital. See how other NJHSA partners are using Get Connected and how the system can help you save time and grow your program!
JFCS Minneapolis will hold its 32nd Annual “Laugh on Their Behalf” Benefit at 7pm on December 5th. It will be the first time ever JFCS is holding a virtual Benefit, where people can watch from wherever they want!
JFS Washtenaw County is hosting A Virtual Benefit for JFS COVID Relief on December 6th at 7pm ET. Learn more and register here.
JFCS East Bay will honor Avi Rose's 15 years of service at The Art of Living on December 17th at 5:30pm PT.
Jewish Poverty Challenge - Year Two
The Growth Wheel

The Growth Wheel or the Startup Wheel as some like to call it is a powerful organization tool that is important to use from time to time. It breaks down your organization into 4 high level areas of Business/Service Concept, Customer Relations, Operations, and Organization. These four areas each have 5 subcategories that outline 20 total areas of the organization that need to be looked in on from time to time. Start Co. recommend doing a simple review of each area once a quarter and even assigning a ranking on a scale from 1-10 in terms of how you feel that area of the organization is doing. Continue reading here.

Talking Scale – Jewish Poverty Challenge
Wednesday, December 9th1pm ET | REGISTER
Examine methods for scaling and efficiencies in operations; train the trainer, technology, scaled operations, service model, partnerships, etc.
NJHSA encourages you to participate in the following programming.
JDC-Israel Unlimited in Days of COVID
December 8th | 12pm ET
Sponsored by the Disabilities Services Professionals Affinity Group

Learn how people with disabilities in Israel are living through COVID and what JDC -Israel is doing to improve their quality of life. Visit don’t DIS my ABILITY!, an art exhibit that brought together people with disabilities and students into a shared creative process through a unique space of “Artivism” which combines art and activism aiming to smash stigmas about people with disabilities.
Practical Dementia Care -
Recognizing Cognitive Impairment, and Management Challenges during the COVID-19 Pandemic
December 9th | 12pm ET

A Virtual Grand Rounds Sponsored by
Ruth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services for mental health professionals, medical professionals, students and residents.
Broad Scope Innovative Care Delivery Model
December 14th | 1pm ET | REGISTER

Join the Network for a special presentation with FOX Rehabilitation. Learn about an innovative model of care delivery using broad scope healthcare professionals that saves 9.5% (Optum Advisory Services) in total downstream costs for America’s most vulnerable and costly population: older adults. 
Core Employment & Training Program Skills
Presented by JDC Israel-Tevet
December 17th | 12pm ET
Sponsored by the Workforce Development Professionals Affinity Group

Discuss the core skills that JDC integrates into its broad range of employment and training programs which target those most in need of skill development. Learn more here.
**Non-Members are encouraged to contact Karen Rosen, Director of Membership,
to learn more about getting involved.**

Access registration links for affinity groups calls and webinars and resources (including COVID) in the Members Only section of the NJHSA website.
  1. Visit the Members Only section
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  3. Select the page Calls & Webinars for registration links or the Resource Library for materials.
ACTION ALERT: Urge Congress to Prevent Steep
Medicare Payment Cuts in 2021

Unless Congress takes action, Medicare reimbursement rates for services provided by psychologists and many other healthcare providers will be cut sharply next year. This is a result of changes that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have proposed making in regards to how Medicare pays for routine physician office visits. Continue reading here.
Action Alert
Restore Critical Victims of Crime Act Funding

Funding for services for survivors of child abuse, trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual assault dropped 25% last year, and further drastic cuts are expected soon. Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) grants fund nearly all victim services. Because these grants are not taxpayer-funded, we need Congress to ensure that the pool of money does not run dry.

Take action: Please fill out this form to sign onto the letter below urging Congressional leaders to take immediate action to help survivors. This sign on letter is for ORGANIZATIONS only. Learn more here.
Potential Earmark Opportunity: 117th Congress  

It is likely that the House of Representatives will reinstate earmarks (member directed spending) for fiscal year 2022. It has been 10 years since earmarks were permitted in Congress, however prior to that time Jewish agencies benefitted significantly from this program. There may be future funding opportunities in the new Congress. Learn more here.
Managing for Resilience in a Crisis
Tuesday, December 8th | 1pm ET | REGISTER

Crises such as pandemics, economic downturns, scandals and natural disasters, challenge the viability and effectiveness of nonprofit organizations and compel them to develop preventive and coping strategies to ameliorate the shocks associated with such events. The current pandemic has demonstrated that nonprofits are making themselves more resilient in multiple, often innovative ways. Discuss the concept of organizational resilience and identify the key dimensions around which nonprofits are developing their resilience strategies, including cost structure, revenue composition, technology, entrepreneurship and collaboration. Learn more here.
Days of Gratitude

NJHSA is partnering with Days of Gratitude to help us lift our blessings and build our resilience in the face of the pandemic and current challenges.
Days of Gratitude is a free, six-month-long journey to notice — and give gratitude for — the unnoticed blessings in our lives, increasing resilience and hope at a time when we need them most.

Every month between December 2020 and April 2021, you will receive a set of activities, prompts, and inspiration to guide you through a three-day gratitude journey, helping you notice and celebrate the blessings in your life.
Days of Gratitude will culminate in May with a worldwide celebration of gratitude, in the seven days leading up to Shavuot. Join the global gratitude journey and explore Days of Gratitude activities. Sign up to join Days of Gratitude today.
Introduction to COA Webinars

As winter arrives, we are again hosting our live virtual Introduction to COA webinars for organizations interested in accreditation. The webinar provides an introduction to COA and our accreditation process. It is perfect for anyone seeking accreditation for the first time, interested in what is required to become accredited, or mandated to become accredited by state or federal legislation (such as the Family First Prevention Services Act). Participants will gain an understanding of the key concepts that define COA, the steps toward becoming accredited, and the benefits of accreditation. There will also be a Q&A portion for us to answer any questions you might have.

The December sessions are scheduled for:
AJAS Webinar - Elder Abuse Primer Makes
Establishing Shelters Easy 
Thursday, January 14th | 1pm EDT | REGISTER

Shelter for older adults who experience abuse at home is a missing link in a coordinated community response to elder abuse. Discuss how to create shelters, the various models of shelters, the benefits to your organization in creating a shelter and how to become part of a diverse community of shelter services across the country. Learn how you can be a part of the concrete Jewish response to the growing epidemic of elder abuse.


Tuesday, December 8th
  • Disabilities Services Professionals Group Call | 3pm ET 
Wednesday, December 9th
  • CEO/COO Check In Chat | 4pm ET | REGISTER
Thursday, December 10th
  • Holocaust Survivor Services Professionals Group Call | 2:30pm ET
Monday, December 14th
  • COO Affinity Group Call | 3:30pm ET 
Tuesday, December 15th
  • IT Professionals Group Call | 3:30pm ET 
Wednesday, December 16th
  • Workforce Development Professionals Group Call | 1pm ET 
  • Food Pantry Professionals Group Call | 3pm ET 
  • CEO/COO Check In Chat | 4pm ET 
Thursday, December 17th
  • Mid-Size Agency Executives’ Group Call | 1pm ET
Affinity Groups are for designed for member agency professionals and lay leaders. Others interested are encouraged to contact Megan.
** Recorded calls and presentations can be found
in the Members Only section of the NJHSA website
in the Resource Library. **
Working for a Jewish human service agency is a highly rewarding career.
A listing of open positions at member agencies can be found here.
Member agencies are welcome to post career opportunities with the Network
as a benefit of membership. Positions will be posted for 90 days.
Non-members may post positions for 60 days for a fee. Email Megan to learn more.